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Manager: Michael See

Skagit County Natural Resource Stewardship Program

Before you apply:

Is there a stream running through or adjacent to a parcel owned by you?
Yes No

Is the project location in Skagit County?

Yes No

Is the property free of required mitigation and/or penalty payments?
Yes No

Are you willing to commit to the integrity of the project for 10 years after completion?
Yes No

If you answered "No" to any of the above questions your project is likely not eligible for funding.


Applicant(s) Name
Mailing Address
City State ZIP
Phone (Day)


Project Address (if different from above)
Parcel Number (if known) (Note: You can locate parcel numbers easily using iMap
Project Location Description

Check Property Location Watershed (if known)

Nookachamps Creek
Hansen Creek
Samish River
Carpenter Creek
Colony Creek
Other (specify)

Check the project type(s) that apply to your project:

Riparian Enhancement: this includes planting native vegetation and removal of invasives.
Fencing: to exclude access of livestock to watercourses and off channel watering systems
Fish Habitat Restoration: installation of habitat forming features such as woody debris.

Please describe the condition of the land adjacent to the creek (i.e. is the site wooded or are livestock present)

Please describe the purpose of your project and its potential benefits on the watershed.

How many linear feet of stream are available in your project? This is the distance along the streambank from the furthest upstream to the furthest downstream point.
How large is your set-back? This is the distance from the streambank inland.
Are either of the above distances flexible?
NO Not Sure

Have you seen any fish in your stream?
YES NO Not Sure

If yes, please list any species you believe use your stream.

The funding of a project will require that the landowner agree to not intentionally damage, significantly alter or destroy the project for 10 years. Is this acceptable to you?

If not, why?

The next step in getting your project funded will require a ‘site plan’ depicting plantings and/or fencing locations. An example site plan is available along with more examples here.

Are you able to supply a draft site plan if your application is accepted?


I have reviewed my responses and am ready to submit my application.