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Prosecuting Attorney's Office

Prosecutor: Rich Weyrich
Criminal Division

The criminal division advises law enforcement agencies; determines whether criminal charges should be filed; prosecutes criminal cases in District, Juvenile and Superior Courts; prosecutes and defends criminal appeals; and provides assistance to victims of crime.

Superior Court

The Superior Court Attorneys review all reports of alleged felony criminal activity referred by police agencies throughout Skagit County. The reports that meet charging standards are filed in Skagit County Superior Court. Over 5716 cases are reviewed for a charging decision each year.

The Prosecutor’s Office only looks at cases referred by law enforcement. If you think you have a matter that should be prosecuted, you need to start with the law enforcement agency in your jurisdiction. Cases referred to the Prosecutor’s Office may be charged, referred back to law enforcement for further investigation, or declined.

District Court

The District Court Attorneys are responsible for Misdemeanor, Gross Misdemeanor, and Infraction cases generated by the Sheriff's Office and state agencies. Except for special circumstances, the District Court Attorneys are not responsible for such cases generated from incorporated cities. These cases are handled through the separate Municipal Courts.

Domestic Violence

The Domestic Violence Unit consists of deputy prosecutors, legal assistants and a victim advocate. A domestic violence case may proceed through either Superior Court or District Court.


The Juvenile Court attorney is responsible for reviewing, charging and prosecuting felony and misdemeanor cases involving youth under the age of eighteen. This attorney handles all cases arising throughout Skagit County. Over 1327 cases are reviewed annually. The cases that are accepted are either charged or referred for an altenative disposition such as diversion, 'at risk' youth or Juvenile Drug Court.