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Environmental checklists and other documents reviewed in reaching the Determination of Non-Significance

Documents Being Adopted per WAC 197-11-630 for Lake Erie Trucking (Wooding) amendment proposal:

These documents provide supplemental information relating to environmental conditions on and around the property under consideration through the Lake Erie Trucking (Bill Wooding) map amendment proposal (PL11-0250; P19168). They are being used in lieu of a new environmental checklist for PL-11-0250. Skagit County Planning & Development Services has independently reviewed the contents of these documents and determined that they, combined with the documents incorporated by reference below, meet the department's environmental review standards and needs for the proposal.

Title of Documents Being Incorporated by Reference per WAC 197-11-635:

  1. Comprehensive plan amendment application submittal materials for PL11-0250, a proposal to redesignate an approximately 35 acre parcel (P19168) on Fidalgo Island from Rural Resource-Natural Resource Land to Rural Reserve.
  2. South Fidalgo Island Stormwater Management Plan, Skagit County Public Works Department, July 2010.