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Skagit County Coordinated Water System Plan: Regional Supplement
July 2000

Coordinated Water System Plan Regional Supplement 2000 (Complete document) (14.5MB)

Cover Page
Certification and Acknowledgements
Table of Contents


  1. Executive Summary
  2. The Coordinated Water System Plan Process
  3. Water Utility Service Areas
  4. Minimum Design Standards
  5. Utility Service Review Procedure
  6. Satellite System Program
  7. Water Demand Forecast
  8. Assessment of Existing Water Supply Systems
  9. Regional Water Supply Strategy
  10. Joint Use Facilities
  11. Plan Implementation


A. Conservation Planning Requirements
B. City of Anacortes and PUD 1993 Joint Operating Agreement
C. Evolving and Current DOH Guidelines for CWSP and SMA
D. Water System Plan Contents Checklist
E. Group B Public Water System Guideline
F. Model Agreement – Maintenance of Hydrants
G. 1996 Memorandum of Agreement Regarding Skagit River
H. Groundwater Resource Assessment, 1991
I. Recommended Cultus Mountain In-Stream Flows
J. Environmental Checklist, 1999 CWSP


2-1 Water Utility Planning Status Summary
3-1 Skagit County Expanding Community Systems
3-2 Skagit County Non-Expanding, Non-Community Systems
3-3 Skagit County Non-Expanding Community Systems
3-4 Skagit County Group B Systems
7-1 1995 OFM Population Forecasts
8-11 Non-UGA Utilities Water Supply Demand
8-12 Public Water System Inventory


1-1 Public Water System Definition
3-1 Skagit County Designated Service Areas –Expanding Water Systems:
a. Map 1 west county
b. Map 2 east county
3-2 Skagit County Non-Expanding and Group “B” Water Systems
Key to following maps
a. Map 1 west county
b. Map 2 east county

5-1 Utility Service Review Procedure
5-2 Appeal Process Exhibit 5-2

7-1 Skagit County OFM Population Forecasts
7-2 Skagit County Urban Growth Area
a. Map 1 west county
b. Map 2 east county

11-1 State Regulation Relating to Local Review of Plan
11-2 Skagit County CWSP Water System Plan Review
11-3 Existing and Proposed Interties