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Community Health Assessment Reports

10 Priority Areas to Improve the Health & Wellness of Skagit County Residents (July 2017) This report is a summary of the priority areas that were identified by a year-long Community Needs Assessment Process. These priorities guide the work of Population Health Trust members.

Skagit County Community Health Assessment: Summary Report (April 5, 2016) This report provides a narrative about the 2015 assessment process. It describes the steps taken and the tools used to identify priority areas for health planning.

Evaluacion de la Salud de la Comunidad del Condado de Skagit: Informe Sumario, (Abril, 2016).  Este informe proporciona una narrativa sobre el proceso de la evaluación de 2015.  Describe los pasos y las herramientas utilizadas para identificar áreas prioritarias para la planificación de la salud.

Skagit County Health Assessment Priorities: Report for Community Reponses (December 2015) This report was used to share health statistics and the quality of life survey findings with the public. The Trust held five community listening sessions in the Winter of 2015 to give individuals the opportunity to cite their public health priorities.

Skagit County Population Demographics Summary (March 25, 2016) This is a two-page data sheet focused on population demographics.

Population Health Trust Data Indicator Charts – Summary Set with Sub Population Information (November 19, 2015) This document contains information on the 13 priority data indicators and data related to subpopulations in Skagit County.

Population Health Trust Data Indicator Charts – Full Set (November 19, 2015) This document contains a list of 72 health indicators that were presented to the public to guide the Trust Board in determining the most pressing health concerns in Skagit County.

Population Health Quality of Life Survey Report (September 28, 2015) This is the final survey report. It contains individual’s opinions about public health, and ideas about how to make community health improvements.

Kristen Ekstran
Community Health Analyst
Skagit County Public Health
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