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Population Health Trust Advisory Committee

“Vision-Growing Healthy Communities”

“Always working for a safer and healthier Skagit County”

Meet the Population Health Trust Advisory Committee to the Skagit County Board of Health. These dedicated volunteers are committed to improving health for all Skagit people. Each person represents a service sector and were asked, “How or why will the work of the Trust help Skagit County people live better lives.”

Andrea Doll
West County Community Member
I believe it will be effective because, not only are we working collaboratively, but we are taking a comprehensive and holistic view of community health. 
doll Barbara Juarez
Northwest Indian Health Board

Tribal Representation
henkel Bill Henkel
Community Action

Social Services and Housing
The Population Health Trust has the potential to form and rally us around a common vision for what we need to do to create a healthier Skagit community for all. I am confident that when our efforts align, and when we work as a team, our real life impacts will be profound and lasting.
hawk Carol Hawk
United General District #304

Health Promotion, Prevention Services 
The PHT provides a collaborative forum for stakeholders to develop a healthier Skagit County for all community members at all stages of life. Through an informed and strategic process, the PHT will apply knowledge of social determinates of health and the importance of policies, systems and environments to build healthier communities.
wend Charlie Wend
Skagit County Jail
Criminal Justice
The Population Health Trust facilitates putting into action strategies designed to create and sustain healthy communities. The PHT does this by bringing together those individuals and organizations best positioned to move those strategies forward.
hawk Cheryl Rasar
Swinomish Indian Tribe
Tribal Representation

davis Chris Johnston
Peace Health United General Medical Center

The work being done by the Population Health Trust (PHT) has brought together individuals with a common goal of increasing the health and wellness of our community.  The PHT members are finding common ground on issues, thought partners and combining resources to take actions to support the wellness of Skagit County residents.
collen Colleen  Pacheco
Sea Mar Program Manager

Latino and Community Health
Members of the Population Health Trust bring diverse perspectives and unique strengths that will help foster an environment in which all Skagit residents have improved access to health and healthy living.
davis Connie Davis 
Skagit  Regional Health
Health comes from how we live. How we live comes from our family, our community, our environment, our education and our access to healthcare. The Population Health Trust is pulling together all of these elements in our county to begin a unified conversation about what we want health to look like in Skagit County. It will take all of us working collectively to reach our goal of a healthy Skagit. Skagit County can improve our current and future health with the combined efforts of our community subject experts and the leadership of the PHT.
david David Jefferson
Skagit County Public Health

Project Staff
 One reason we are called the Trust is it make us responsible to the community, families, organizations, as well as, to each other. Our combined efforts have to prove we can make life better for Skagit County people. Trust is the first step; actions are how we will be measured.  Proud to be part of this group.
lancaster Debra Lancaster
United Way Foundations

Providing options and tools for our residents so we all lead happy and healthy lives.
smith Diane Smith
WSU Extension
Health Promotion
Prevention Services 

Our work will make the healthy choice. the easy and preferred choice for families and individuals where they live, work, learn, and play.
spinglet Douglas Spingelt
Sea Mar

Latino and Community Health
Jennifer Sass-Walton
Skagit County Public Health

Community Health
The Trust has enthusiasm and a strong commitment to working together to make Skagit County the healthiest place possible for all. I expect that telomeres will be lengthened across the County and hope that we will become the next Blue Zone.
johnson  Jennifer  Johnson
Director, Public Health

The Population Health Trust is a learning collaborative for creating shared goals and strategies improving community health through the power of partnerships to leverage expertise and resources. The solutions to better health lie outside all of our traditional service domains, and I believe that together, and only together, we will make marked improvements toward shared community health goals. The Population Health Trust framework will move us toward action.
lynn Joanne Lynn
Skagit County Public Health

Environmental Health
A wise woman once told me, "Your health is your wealth." The Trust fosters enthusiastic, committed and diverse perspectives to address our community's challenges and ultimately make all our lives richer.
js John Sternlicht

The Population Health Trust brings together all aspects of the community that have an impact on the health and well-being of our residents. That is how we will be able to effect real change to benefit all in our community.
ranten Kari Ranten
Skagit Regional Health
The work of the Population Health Trust represents true collaboration by a wide array of people with ideas, expertise, energy and focused goals to create a healthy Skagit County.
wanek Karen Wanek
Skagit Valley College

Nursing Education
murphy Kevin Murphy
Skagit Council of Governments

The Population Health Trust will identify actions that can be taken by various agencies and groups to improve the overall health of the community. It is a pleasure to be involved with a group so dedicated to the betterment of the entire community and enlisting the help of multiple groups and agencies to take action for everyone in Skagit County.  
crowl Liz McNett Crowl
Skagit Regional Health

Environmental Health
If we want a healthier nation, we need to find smarter ways to prevent disease and health crises in the communities where we live, learn, work and play. We need to move outside the domain of health care and address a complex web of social and environmental factors that affect everyone’s health and limit the opportunity for many people to make healthy choices. The work of the Skagit County Population Health Trust will create a road map of health for all residents of Skagit County and ensure we invest in strategies that provide opportunities for the kinds of choices that ultimately help people stay healthy and prevent disease
rojas Margaret Rojas
North Sound Mental Health Administration

Behavioral Health
Creating a greater sense of community is a goal of the Population Health Trust, beginning with myself and fellow Trust members.  As we formulate our direction and strategy it is our intention to provide opportunities to address health disparities, access health services and improve the overall well-being of our residents.  I am certain that when our work is complete the residents of Skagit County will recognize the benefits of our collective efforts.  It is our hope that everyone in our community will have ready access and choice in living healthier lives.

Stacy Phelps
Upper Skagit Indian Tribe


lykins Mary Ellen Lykins
Skagit/Island Head Start

This effort brings a wide range of knowledge and wisdom to the table, coupled with the passion that can visualize a healthy, thriving Skagit County--across the entire life span and including all of the individuals who make up this beautiful place. The PHT is dedicated to understanding what stands between us and brings us closer to our shared vision.
sharp Michael Sharp
Island Hospital

sharp Phil Brockman
Sedro-Woolley School District

I'm excited to be a member of the Population Health Trust to support the health needs in Skagit County, especially having the opportunity to meet and support the health care needs of our students and families in our various school districts.
elde Randy Elde
Hilltop Pharmacy

We have a committed group of people from a wide range of perspectives that are determined to make a lasting change and  to improve all of our lives.
hale Scott Hale
Symmetry Healthcare Management
Long-term Care

Our society is expanding in size and diversity in ways that are testing the existing models of delivering medical and social services. It will be imperative that resources be managed at the local level to meet the different needs of our population in an effective manner. The Population Health Trust helps create alternatives to the existing Federal and State centrally planned models for our communities.

Stephanie Morgareidge
Public Hospital District #304
East County Representative

I’m proud to serve on the Population Health Trust and represent Eastern Skagit County. This trust is bringing all the voices to the table to achieve better outcomes for all of Skagit County. My hope is to collaborate with other county services, nonprofits, and local businesses to bring awareness to the unique issues of Eastern Skagit County and to form a collective approach to our high need areas such as economic development, public transportation, and chemical dependency services. 


Kristen Ekstran
Skagit County Public Health
Project Staff


Willett Tina Willett
Mira Vista Care Center                        

Long Term Care
There is a deep commitment of the members to deeply understand the community. Most of all, there is strong desire to act continually to yield results to improve the health of all.

David Jefferson, MSW
Community Health Analyst
Skagit County Public Health and Community Services
Office: (360) 416-1545
Mobile: (360) 708-8837