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Skagit County launches SkagitRising.org
A new website containing opioid and substance use resources [more]

Affordable Housing: A Priority for a Healthy Population
The availability, affordability, and accessibility of housing directly impacts the health of all Skagit County residents.

First 1,000 Days: A Call to Action | Spanish version
A child’s brain grows very quickly during the First 1,000 Days of life, starting before birth. Children raised in stable,supportive environments do better in school and grow into
healthier, more productive adults.

The Population Health Trust (PHT or Trust) is a board of community leaders with a shared commitment to improve the quality of life for everyone in Skagit County. Appointed by the Skagit County Board of Health to advise on issues that can improve the health and wellness of all. The Population Health Trust believes that by coordinating our efforts we can create opportunities that strengthen health. [Print friendly version of this page]

Our Mission: Working Together to Improve Health for ALL
Our Approach
Our Impact
The Population Health Trust works to create healthier and more equitable communities by:
  • Encouraging health and wellness within the community
  • Working together across sectors on projects designed to improve well-being
  • Strengthening Integration of health services and other systems such as Public Health, education, and social service agencies.

In order to do these things, the PHT needed to know and understand the state of health and wellness in Skagit County. How did we do that? We started by asking you, the residents of the County and then turned to community health data. Some of our assessment included:

  • A Quality of Life Community Survey completed by more than 1,500 Skagit County residents
  • An analysis of 150 existing community health data points
  • Group analysis project by 90 community leaders to select a subset of priorities;
  • Five Community Listening Sessions with nearly 200
  Beginning in March of 2016, the Population Health Trust began selecting issue areas to delve into more deeply. Because of increasing concern about opioid misuse nationally, in Washington State and locally, our first priority initiative was opioids.

Through our work on this issue, we’ve seen the impact of bringing together diverse leaders in the community to identify and strategize around a common goal. The process of jointly analyzing data and gaps in services, has led to new partners, new approaches and promising practices for solving the problem. We are also seeing possibilities for increased funding and renewed commitment to collaboratively improving life for individuals and families who suffer opioid use disorder.

This is our model:
  • Gathering a team of committed organizations and individuals ready to approach problems in new ways
  • Asset-mapping and gaps analysis
  • Strategic planning
  • Resource collaboration
Continued Planning

The community originally identified 13 priority areas for improving health and wellness for all. Over time, these have resulted in the final list on the next page. Priorities will be individually analyzed by a cross-section of the public with expertise in that area, and an action plan to improve the issue of concern will be developed.

The Population Health Trust is working to solve the health priorities the community identified.


Skagit County Trends Website   Reports and Action Plan   Connecting with the PHT
The Population Health Trust knew that in order to delve deeply into critical areas of health and wellness in the community, we would need access to a wide variety of real-time data.

By engaging the community in determining the data they wanted to see and use, the PHT came up with 160 data points. Check out our website to see how you and your organization can make use of this data.

  In addition to the Skagit County Trends website, you can find the PHT on Skagit County’s Public Health site. Here you will find our Community Health Assessment Summary Report, the Opioid Workgroup Leadership Team 2016 Summary Report and Recommendations, the
Community-wide Action Plan and Call to Action, and upcoming reports on additional issue areas as the Trust moves forward with the community’s priorities.

  The opinions of our community are important to carrying out the work of the PHT with integrity.
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You can also become involved by attending workshops, community listening sessions and presentations. We hope to see you at an upcoming opioid presentation or workshop. Stay tuned!


Making Health a Shared Value   Fostering Cross-Sector Collaboration to Improve Well-being

It is the Trust’s overarching priority to create public discussion on health and and well-being
  • Substance Abuse Among Youth
  • Youth Mental Health
  • Living Wage Jobs
Creating Healthier, More Equitable
  Strengthening Integration of Health Services & Systems
  • Nutrition, Weight & Physical Activity
  • Youth Safety
  • Affordable Housing
  • Opioid Crisis
  • Access to health care
  • Maternal & Child Health
  • Chlamydia Rates
  • Campylobacter Rates


Opioid Workgroup videoVideos
A public health crisis has hit our nation and our local community. Opioid-related deaths have now surpassed motor vehicle crashes as the leading cause of accidental death.
Requesting a Letter of Support From the Population Health Trust
The Population Health Trust’s mission is to Improve Health for ALL people in Skagit County. The Trust is in favor of supporting grants and programs that aim to improve health. Here's how.

32 individuals representing 29 agencies and organizations in Skagit County meet monthly to consider actions that will impact health and wellness in Skagit County


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