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Step by Step Guide to Legal Research for Non-Attorneys

 Gather facts and information: Write a statement of facts and a timeline.

  • Do this to help gain a complete understanding of everything that has happened, or is happening, in your case.  This will help you identify important facts and keep dates in your case straight as you go through the legal research process.

Identify the legal issue: Determine your legal problem and your desired outcome.

  • Simply figuring out where to start your legal research can often be a very hard part of the process.  It may help to review your statement of facts and timeline, thinking about your ideal outcome as well as potential compromises.  This will guide what type of law you research as well as assist others in helpful you accomplish your goals. 

Find legal information and read about the law: Start with a broad overview, then narrow your search.

  • Washington Law Help is one example of a resource that provides an overview of a variety of topics. Once you understand the general idea, you can narrow your search to specific cases or statutes. A lot of this information can be found online, but your local law librarian may be able to help find it.

Check your sources: The law changes all the time so make sure the law you are reading is current.

  • This is where law librarians or an attorney might be helpful. Online databases available at the law library can be informative to check whether something has changed.  A consultation with an attorney may be more valuable and effective after you have developed a general understanding of the issue, to make sure you are on the right track. 

Write in all down: When you are asking the Court to do something, cite the law you found.

  • Courts have to make decisions based on the law, not on what someone thinks is a good idea. When you ask the Court to do something, make sure to include the law that you found that supports your side, along with a way they can find that law (a 'citation').

Additional Resources about Legal Research

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© M. Hook Dewey
How to Research a Legal Problem: A Guide For Non-Lawyers
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© Candle Wester
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Westlaw Edge Access for Skagit County Law Library Patrons

In light of COVID-19, Thomson-Reuters is offering 20 hours of free Westlaw Edge access.  While you will need to register, there is no commitment and no credit card is required.  Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Read the detailed registration information included here.
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Legal Information Reference Center (EBSCO)

Access to this database is available to patrons of the Skagit County Law Library on a trial (short-term) basis.  If you have any difficulty accessing the database, please contact the law librarian. 


Other Online Resources

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COVID-Specific Information related to Landlord-Tenant Legal Issues

Please note: The Skagit County Superior Court Local Rules (SCLCR) related to Unlawful Detainer Actions were amended on September 1, 2020.  Forms or packets drafted prior to that date may require review and revision.  (See specifically SCLCR 8.)


COVID-Specific Information related to Money- and Debt-related Legal Issues

  1. Washington State Garnishment Suspension
    1. Original Proclamation
    2. Extension
  2. Washington State Ratepayer Assistance and Preservation of Essential Services (Utilities)
    1. Original Proclamation
    2. Extension
  3. Managing Consumer Debt Amid COVID-19 (Video by the Northwest Consumer Law Center)