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Street Atlas

The Skagit County Street Atlas is designed to be used as a quick reference for displaying detail views of streets within Skagit County. The atlas includes a comprehensive road index making it easy to navigate to a specific area of the county. You are welcome to download the entire (500 plus sheets) atlas and view or print the contents. To do this you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader® installed on your computer. Updates to this atlas will be made periodically and added to the atlas.

Map Accuracy Warning: This map was created from available public records and existing map sources not from field surveys. Map features from all sources have been adjusted to achieve a best-fit registration to the Ownership Parcels map. While great care was taken in this process, maps from different sources rarely agree as to the precise location of geographic features. The relative positioning of map features to one another results from combining different map sources without field ground truthing. Errors can be as great as 300 feet on this document.

Project Abstract: Skagit County, along with other emergency response agencies, identified a need for a standardized county-wide street atlas having a uniform index system with scalability. To address this need, Skagit County GIS produced a comprehensive street atlas with a custom indexing system. The indexing system is alpha numeric in style, and geometrically coincides with the grid lines of the United States National Grid. The index grid is broken into two scales; 3000m x 3000m, and 1000m x 1000m for more detailed areas. The index grid can be broken down further, if necessary, into a custom 500m x 500m size for areas of more detail.

Printed Size: 8.5x11 inches (500 plus sheets)

Last Updated: February, 2018

Due to the large quantity of maps generated in this street atlas, four Regions were created. Please pick the region you want to download.


Region 1, West Skagit County
333 pages

Download (577,245 MB)

Region 2, West-Central Skagit County
112 pages

Download (208,039 MB)

Region 3, East-Central Skagit County
65 pages

Download( 214,356 MB)

Region 4, East Skagit County
18 pages

Download (3.56MB)

Road Index (Entire county)
36 pages