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Geographic Information Services
Director: Geoff Almvig
ABOUT Mr. Sid images

Mr.Sid images are a compressed file format developed by LizardTech . You can view Mr Sid files with either the free GeoViewer available here . This software will allow you to zoom and pan around the image to view different areas, but does not allow you to overlay any additional information (such as parcel lines).

You can also view Mr.Sid files by using most GIS software packages.

A single image usually has 2 - 3 files associated (.sid, .sdw, .aux). We recommend that you move all these files together since they are important in order to display the image.

If you need to get a TIF image, you can use the GeoView to "export" a portion or all of the Mr.Sid image. If you are going to use the file in a GIS or Autocad program you will want to also create the TIF world file (.TFW).