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Director: Geoff Almvig

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Links To Spatial Data

Most Skagit County projects are created from County created data sets or from data received from other agencies. Skagit County shall not supply any data that the County has received from other agencies due to license agreements and data currency issues. Therefore, we have provided you with this page to help direct you to the additional data sources we use. Many of our data sets are derived from these data sources and, therefore, do not qualify as a Skagit County data set. For example, most of our Critical Areas data sets are derived from other sources to produce steep slopes, riparian, and habitat.

The following are links to data sets from other agencies. We have prepared a comprehensive list of links to these agencies to help you find and acquire additional data. Most agencies require written license agreements before you can obtain their GIS data sets. Additionally, they will likely require a fee to process your request. The following links will open in a new browser window. Access Skagit County and the GIS department are not responsible for content in the following sites:

Government Agencies:

  • Census 2000: for demographic information, this site should take care of most of your needs.

  • Department Of Ecology: This site has data on groundwater, public water supplies, Aquifer recharge areas, wellhead protection zones, 303(d) streams, and many other data sets. You can go right to the data by clicking here.

  • Department of Natural Resources: the Information Technology Division of WA DNR distributes GIS map layers for Washington State. Many GIS coverage�s, such as roads, streams, political boundaries, and forest inventories, are available for sale or through data exchange partnerships. The following is a list of the layers we use:
    • Washington Natural Heritage Program
    • POCA - Public Land Survey, DNr
    • Ownership Countyand DNR Administration boundaries
    • TRANS - Road, railroad and other routes
    • HYDRO - Water bodies and watercourses
    • PLS-PT- Public Land Survey Points (Corner Position)
    • ELEVATION - USGS DEMs available in USGS .DEM format, State Plane South, NAD27 only. Ten meter data used to create surface models and contours
    • SOILS - Soil surveys on state, private, federal and some tribal lands and derived from Private Forest Land Grading System
    • 1998 Black & White Orthophotography � Digital orthophotography with one meter resolution for the entire county

  • Department of Revenue, Washington State: For data related to sales tax rates, jurisdiction boundaries, and other tax related spatial information.
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency: FEMA has created digital Q3 flood data, which contain only certain features from the existing FIRM hardcopy. Q3 vector data are contained in one single countywide file, including all incorporated and unincorporated areas of a county. For more information on Q3 data, please click here. Along with the Q3 data, FEMA now provides Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM) over the internet. However, these are only scanned versions of the existing FIRM maps and not digital FIRM maps (DFIRM). FEMA’s web site is fairly well designed and allows you to print (8.5x11” or 11x17”) a scale version of the selected area of the FIRM panel you choose. To view this information .click here.

  • United States Geological Survey: The USGS has many data sets. We use:
  • Landsat ETM 7+, satellite data with thirty meter multispectral data. To request a copy of our
  • ELEVATION � 30 meter digital elevation model (DEM) data available for free in quarter quadrangles.

  • USDA- NRCS: Soils data for Skagit County as found in the �Soils Survey of Skagit Area�, produced by the Soils Conservation Service.

  • Orthophoto Imagery USDA NAIP: the National Agriculture Imagery Program (NAIP) has aerial imagery available for much of the State of Washington as part of their aerial photography program to support agricultural lands and natural resource conservation. The photography is 1 meter leaf-on imagery and is not cloud-free so the ground might be obscured. To go to the USDA-NRCS Data Gateway click here.

  • Washington State Department Of Fish and Wildlife: The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) maintains a number of GIS databases that contain information on important fish and wildlife species. This includes information, such as, several databases, including Priority Habitats and Species, Wildlife Heritage, National Wetlands Inventory, and Washington Rivers Information System.

  • Washington State Department Of Transportation: The WSDOT GeoData Distribution Catalog, maintained by the Office of Information Technology, is a centralized distribution site for geographic information system data produced at the Washington State Department of Transportation. Data provided here is used by WSDOT's transportation partners, government entities, schools, private businesses, and the general public. The WSDOT GIS Community actively promotes interagency data exchange and resource sharing; therefore, data on this site is available for download free-of-charge.