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Director: Douglas J. ten Hoopen

SAR Group Descriptions

Skagit Composite Squadron, WA Wing, Civil Air Patrol

Civil Patrol is a nonprofit organization with almost 62,000 members nationwide. CAP performs 95% of continental U.S. inland search and rescue missions as tasked by the Air Force Rescue Coordination Center. Its volunteers also perform homeland security and disaster relief missions at the request of federal, state, and local agencies.

Skagit Composite Squadron, WA Wing, Civil Air Patrol is one of the most active squadrons in Washington. We are always looking for adults interested in aviation, volunteer rescue services, and working with youth. We are looking for responsible young people, ages 12-18, who might be interested in flying, military careers, or preparing to be better citizens. Families are especially welcome. It's easy to join - just drop by any Thursday (except when Thursday is a major holiday) and check us out.

Click on the following link to access the Skagit Composite Squadron, WA Wing, Civil Air Patrol Website to find out more.

Skagit Bay Search and Rescue (SBSAR)

SBSAR is a marine-based non-profit organization, established in September of 2002. The specific objectives are to search for, rescue, recover, evacuate, and medically treat any person who becomes lost, stranded, injured, killed, or is in immediate peril of any such event as a result of natural, technological or human caused disaster while in the marine environment. SBSAR consists of watercraft, experienced and trained operators, divers, emergency equipment, and EMS and fire fighter personnel. Area of service: the organization will normally respond to calls, or as otherwise reques ted by the Department of Emergency Management or the Sheriffs office, on the North Fork of the Skagit River down river from the North Fork bridge, Skagit Bay from the North Fork of the Skagit River North and West to Deception Pass, and the Swinomish Channel from Skagit Bay to the Duane Berentson Bridge. We encourage membership from those interes ted in a marine-based environment. For more information contact Marcie 360.466.3300 or email: yachts@cnw.com.

Skagit County Explorer Search and Rescue (ESAR)

ESAR is a 100% volunteer rescue organization, comprised of community members whose role is to serve their community. Our Motto, "We serve... So that others may live", clearly defines our purpose. We are a BSA (http://www.mtbakerbsa.org/) explorer Post (#2006) chartered and overseen by the Skagit County Sheriff's Office (link to site). Since its birth, ESAR has grown to be the backbone of the Skagit County Search and Rescue Council. With currently over 100 active personnel, we are the single largest rescue unit in all of Skagit County. We provide a number of services to Skagit County as well as the entire State of Washington.  

The primary mission of Skagit County ESAR, is the location, treatment and evacuation of lost and injured persons that are in locations or situations outside of the capability of conventional rescue services. Although wilderness searching for lost hunters, hikers and recreationers makes up the bulk of our callouts, we are trained to respond to many different types of incidents.  We are called to evacuate injured climbers on Mount Baker; assist in flood fighting efforts around the county; locate crucial evidence in homicide cases for local Law Enforcement; as well as other types of incidents. Now with the inception of our Special Rescue Team, we have a highly capable unit to additionally respond to technical rescue, Search and command & control situations.

Cascade Moun ted Search and Rescue (CMSAR)

Who? People from all over the community

What? Cascade Moun ted Search and Rescue

When? At the Sheriffs Department discretion

Where? Skagit County and beyond

Why? So Others May Live…..

How? Volunteer

Cascade Mounted Search and Rescue is a nonprofit organization comprised of dedicated volunteers from all walks of life, utilizing a multitude of equine partners, from working ranch stock to champion level halter horses, they all have one mission, to serve so humans may live.

First aid, CPR, search techniques, orienteering on horseback, trail etiquette and teamwork building skills are just a few of the things this group works on year round to remain state qualified. When the Skagit County Sheriffs Department needs assistance, the call is made and the horses are readied to conduct searches, deliver medical aid, pack emergency equipment and assist in the evacuation of the injured.

For more information please contact: Department of Emergency Management 360.428.3250