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Auditor: Sandra Perkins

Auditor's Recording: Electronic Document Recording (eRecording)

Whether through e-recording or in person at our office, our friendly staff is always happy to help you with your document recording needs.

The Auditor's Office offers electronic document recording (e-Recording). E-Recording allows you to record your documents more quickly than mailing documents to the Auditor's Office. You may record documents at the Auditor’s Recording department or you may optionally use one of the contracted third party e-recording providers listed below. Only these e-Recording companies may submit documents on your behalf to the Skagit County Auditors Office.

eRecording Partners Network
Website | Email
Phone: 888-325-3365

CSC Erecording Solutions
Phone: 866-652-0111

Phone: 800-460-5657


Answers to common questions about eRecording:

What types of documents can be electronically recorded?
You can use eRecording to record almost all types of documents.
At this time the only exceptions are documents requiring excise tax Or review by the Treasurer's Office and maps.

Do documents submitted for e-recording need to meet regular formatting requirements?
Yes, all regular formatting requirements apply to e-recording documents.

How do I pay for recorded documents?

Contracted vendors handle payments for e-recorded documents.

Which vendor's have eRecording contracts with the Auditor's Office?

Our three contracted eRecording vendors are CSC. EPN, and Simplifile.

Do vendors have any additional requirements or restrictions?

Contact vendors directly to find out if they have additional requirements or restrictions.