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Details for Parcel: P51333
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PO BOX 496028
REDDING, CA  96049
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Current Legal Description    Abbreviation Definitions
CF-75: TH PTN OF SEC 10 LY SLY & ELY OF LOGGING RD KNOWN AS RD #300 SD RD 300 DDAF BAT AN INT PT ON N MGN OF CROWN PACIFIC LTD LOGGING RD #300 & THE LI COMMON TO SECTIONS 15 & 16 TWP 36 RGE 7 SD INT PT BEARS S 1-45-24 W 585.62FT FR THE 1/4 COR COM TO SD SECTIONS 15 & 16 SD COR IS MARKED WITH A 2' IRON PIPE BASIS OF BEAR FOR THIS DESC IS WASH STATE PLANE COORDINATE SYSTEM NORTH ZONE TH N 48-26-01 E 158.70FT ALG THE N MGN OF SD RD #300 TH N 38-53-01 E 147.68FT TH N 69-49-56 E 201.22FT TH N 86-47-00 E 155.98FT TH N 60-57-14 E 204.62FT TH S 86-08-56 E 502.11FT TH N 81-55-14 E 246.17FT TH N 89-07-48 E 198.73FT TH N 66-22-58 E 112.59FT TH N 49-01-26 E 127.93FT TH N 41-47-38 E 259.76FT TH N 75-21-46 E 113.90FT TH S 79-45-31 E 241.76FT TH N 71-08-48 E 135.71FT TH N 62-37-56 E 237.91FT TH S 87-35-52 E 155.28FT TH S 54-49-45 E 111.83FT TH S 46-24-56 E 166.01FT TH S 79-37-42 E 126.73FT TH N 50-37-52 E 75.01FT TH N 14-45-51 E 128.97FT TH N 64-49-22 E 112.20FT TH N 88-27-08 E 433.52FT TH N 47-30-19 E 61.71FT TH N 13-41-30 W 65.80FT TH N 69-50-05 W 133.60FT TH N 48-17-35 W 79.45FT TH N 25-11-20 W 203.60FT TH N 7-23-03 W 178.71FT TH N 15-55-27 W 214.31FT TH N 12-12-33 W 351.36FT TH N 2-13-33 E 372.47FT TH N 26-58-06 E 92.29FT TH N 49-22-46 E 167.78FT TH N 36-21-40W 204.74FT TH N 14-50-50 W 142.36FT TH N 21-25-52 E 211.70FT TH N 3-51-02 W 414.56FT TH N 20-00-43 E 256.06FT TH N 14-56-46 E 240.64FT TH N 4-57-14 E 128.93FT TH N 4-39-54 W 302.79FT TH N 3-39-35 W 241.30FT TH N 15-57-08 E 211.56FT TH N 31-09-58 E 127.93FT TH N 42-00-35 E 112.08FT TH N 50-26-14 E 121.87FT TH N 48-52-27 E 105.38FT TH N 33-49-38 E 80.44FT TH N 28-23-57 E 120.44FT TH N 35-53-27 E 71.35FT TH N 49-33-56 E 71.69FT TH N 74-35-23 E 107.51FT TH S 79-43-40 E 82.59FT TH N 70-47-52 E 41.91FT TH N 46-34-00 E 86.75FT TH N 65-05-22 E 65.55FT TH N 66-26-33 E 116.70FT TH S 85-09-56 E 150.91FT TH S 70-04-24 E 80.67FT TH S 84.24-27 E 72.68FT TH N 53-07-34 E 35.30FT TH N 2-06-32 W 58.68FT TH N 27-19-09 W 67.75FT TH N 33-24-29 W 79.82FT TH N 15-55-19 W 81.75FT TH N 37-55-43 W 76.08FT TH N 5-37-14 W 88.65FT TH N 37-06-55 E 66.36FT TH N 55-24-09 E 52.08FT TH N 73-19-23 E 64.51FT TH N 63-04-26 E 66.60FT TH N 25-10-15 E 51.09FT TH N 10-35-43 W 33.18FT TH N 22-35-30 W 59.77FT TH N 14-02-18 E 42.39FT TH N 28-37-15 E 113.09FT TH N 41.13-13 E 72.50FT TH N 57-40-28 E 67.18FT TH N 61-54-18 E 55.44FT TH N 35-43-09 E 53.30FT TH N 33-11-04 E 75.75FT TH N 41-04-37 E 52.94FT TH N 58.59-08 E 63.71FT TH N 62-10-13 E 33.30FT TH N 52-30-58 E 54.78FT TH N 13-07-15 E 158.07FT TH N 22-50-23 E 162.66FT TH N 43-14-13 E 78.28FT TO AN INT PT ON N MGN OF SD RD #300 & THE LINE COMMON TO SECTIONS 10 & 11 OF TWP 36 RGE 7 & THE TERMINUS OF THIS DESC SD INT PT BEARS S 3-30-44 W 1216.58FT FR THE COR COMMON TO SECTIONS 2,3,10 & 11 OF SD TWP & RGE SD COR IS MARKED BY A 3/4' STEEL REBAR & AN ALUMINUM CAP STAMPED LS 18895 EXC ANY PTN THOF LY WITHIN THE NW1/4 SW1/4 & SW1/4 NE1/4 OF SD SEC 10 & ALSO EXC ANY PTN THOF LY WITHIN THE BED OF THE SOUTH FORK OF THE NOOKSACK RIVER AS THE SAME EXISTED JULY 7, 1989

2018 Values for 2019 Taxes* Sale Information 2019 Property Tax Summary
Building Market Value
Land Market Value
Total Market Value
Assessed Value
Taxable Value
Sale Date2018-06-28
Sale Price $.00
Sale requires NRL disclosure (more info)
2019 Taxes will be available after 2/15/2019
Use the Taxes link above for 2018 taxes
* Effective date of value is January 1 of the assessment year (2018) Legal Description at time of Assessment

Levy Code3400Fire District
School DistrictSD11Exemptions
Improvement 1 Attributes Summary
Year BuiltFoundation
Above Grade Living AreaExterior Walls
Finished BasementRoof Covering
*Total Living AreaHeat/Air Conditioning
Unfinished BasementFireplace
*Total Garage AreaBedrooms
For additional information on individual segments see Improvements tab
* Land Use codes are for assessment administration purposes and do not represent jurisdictional zoning. Please contact the appropriate planning department in your jurisdiction for land use questions.
* Total living area includes above grade living area and finished basement area.
* Garage square footage includes all garage areas; basement garages, attached garages, detached garages, etc.
Assessment data for improvements is based on exterior inspections. Please contact the Assessor's office if the information does not accurately reflect the interior characteristics.