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Details for Parcel: P101413
Zoning Designation:
Please contact the city of  ANACORTES for ANACORTES zoning information.
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PO BOX 547
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Current Legal Description    Abbreviation Definitions
(1.9000 ac) PTN GOVERNMENT LOT 3, SECTION 22, TOWNSHIP 35 NORTH, RANGE 1 EAST, W.M., DAF COM SW COR SD GOV LT 3 TH N 1-40-47 E ALG W LI SD GOV LT 3 136.20 FT TO TPOB TH N 1-40-47 E 108.96 FT TH N 45-21-03 E 49.65 FT TH N 70-44-57 W 25.11 FT TH N 45-00-00 W 10.00 FT TH N 7-25-22 E 27.61 FT TH S 78-25-20 E 16.84 FT TH N 78-36-58 E 73.64 FT TH S 72-10-57 E 74.68 FT TH N 77-59-35 E 39.75 FT TH S 78-03-19 E 42.17 FT TH S 89-26-18 E 42.31 FT TH S 53-15-14 E 43.23 FT TH N 34-37-42 E 36.59 FT TH N 20-03-39 E 29.85 FT TH N 35-18-21 E 43.08 FT TH S 49-11-56 E 28.38 FT TH S 69-44-11 E 31.45 FT TH N 62-59-04 E 49.57 FT TH S 88-50-51 E 41.49 FT TH S 79-01-13 E 21.22 FT TH N 72-53-55 E 23.68 FT TH S 48-02-39 E 28.33 FT TH S 23-16-27 W 38.14 FT TH S 63-17-20 W 191.29 FT TO BEG CRV TO RIGHT HAV RAD 701.78 FT TH ALG ARC SD CRV THRU C/A 7-52-00 96.35 FT TO BEG CRV TO RIGHT HAV RAD 1131.28 FT SD PT BEGIN PT COMPOUND CRV THRU C/A 16-03-21 ARC DIST 317.02 FT TPOB ALSO TGW FDT BAT SW COR SD GOV LT 3 TH S 88-11-46 E ALG S LI SD GOV LT 3 63.80 FT TH N 69-01-00 E 49.00 FT TH N 50-00-00 E 150.5 FT TH N 55-40-00 E 51.20 FT TH N 35-00-00 E 12.36 FT TO INTERSEC OF CRV HAV RAD PT BEAR N 16-15-51 W 1161.28 FT TH IN SWLY DIR ALG ARC SD CRV THRU C/A 13-35-28 ARC LENGTH 275.47 FT TO W LI SD GOV LT 3 TH S 1-40-47 W 106.11 FT TPOB ALSO TGW FDT COM AT SW COR SD GOV LT 3 TH N 1-40-47 E ALG W LI LT 3 106.11 FT TO TPOB TH CONT N 1-40-47 E 30.09 FT TO INTERSEC WITH CRV HAV RAD PT BEAR N 2-47-19 W 1131.28 FT FR SD INTERSEC PT TH NELY ALG ARC SD CRV THRU C/A 16-03-21 317.02 FT TAP COMPOUND CRV TO LEFT TH ALG CRV TO LEFT HAV RAD 701.78 FT THRU C/A 7-52-00 ARC DIST 96.35 FT TH N 63-17-20 E 191.29 FT TH S 23-16-27 W 22.31 FT TH S 58-07-09 W 26.04 FT TH S 67-20-28 W 44.43 FT TH S 62-32-54 W 86.80 FT TH S 64-05-56 W 56.35 FT TH S 73-42-12 W 32.86 FT TH S 70-07-23 W 30.36 FT TH S 51-29-37 W 51.22 FT TO INTERSEC WITH CRV HAV RAD PT BEAR N 16-15-51 W 1161.28 FT TH ALG ARC SD CRV IN SWLY DIR THRU C/A 13-35-28 ARC DIST 275.47 FT TPOB

2023 Values for 2024 Taxes*  ExemptionSale Information 2024 Property Tax Summary
Building Market Value
Land Market Value
Total Market Value
Assessed Value
Taxable Value
Sale Date2006-09-15
Taxable Selling Price $.00
2024 Taxes will be available after 2/15/2024
Use the Taxes link above for 2023 taxes
* Effective date of value is January 1 of the assessment year (2023) Legal Description at time of Assessment
*Assessment Use Code(690) MISCELLANEOUS SERVICES WAC 458-53-030

Levy Code0900Fire District
School DistrictSD103ExemptionsCity Owned
Improvement 1 Attributes Summary
Year BuiltFoundation
Above Grade Living AreaExterior Walls
Finished BasementRoof Covering
*Total Living AreaHeat/Air Conditioning
Unfinished BasementFireplace
*Total Garage AreaBedrooms
For additional information on individual segments see Improvements tab
* Assessment Use Code is for assessment administration purposes and has no relation to zoning or allowable land use.
* Total living area includes above grade living area and finished basement area.
* Garage square footage includes all garage areas; basement garages, attached garages, detached garages, etc.
Assessment data for improvements is based on exterior inspections. Please contact the Assessor's office if the information does not accurately reflect the interior characteristics.