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Writ of Execution - Personal Property


What Is It?

A Writ of Execution is an order from the court directing the sheriff to enforce a money judgment together with interest and allowable costs. Property of the judgment debtor is taken from the defendant by the sheriff and either delivered to the judgment creditor, or sold, with the proceeds of the sale delivered to the judgment creditor. RCW 6.17

Property is divided into two types: "real property," which is any interest in land, real estate, growing plants or the improvements on it, and "personal property", which is all other items the debtor may have ownership in.

What the Sheriff’s Office Needs:

Original Writ or Order and three certified copies

Break and Enter Order
May be a separate order or incorporated into the body of the writ.
Must be address specific.
Must be signed by a judge.

Copy of Judgment

Deposit of $250.00

A Letter of Instruction which includes:

Property to be levied on, if known

Include license, VIN, serial and/or model names or numbers.
On other types of property, a very good description.
A true or sample photo, if possible.

Location of the property

Interest rate, which confirms the rate specified in the judgment.

Service address of debtors/defendants

If the location of the debtors is unknown, or an "estate" and heirs are involved, a six-week publication is necessary to meet service requirements.

Mover if needed – Who will move property from defendant to Sheriff’s Keeper location.

Name, address and telephone number of a licensed and bonded company.
Must be approved by the Sheriff’s Office.
It is plaintiff’s responsibility to pay the moving costs.

Sheriff’s Keeper – Where property will be stored from the date of levy until the sale.

Name, address and telephone number of a licensed and bonded storage company.
Keeper must be approved by the Sheriff’s Office.
It is plaintiff’s responsibility to pay the storage costs.
A hold harmless agreement and keeper’s receipt will be provided by the Sheriff’s Office.

Original Bond of Indemnity to Sheriff

Double the value of the property to be seized.

An indemnity bond indemnifies the sheriff from any liability in the civil action. The bond must be presented at the same time as the writ. The bond must be in an amount twice the value of the personal property to be removed, $5,000.00 minimum. The Sheriff’s Office will determine minimum acceptable bond amounts.


“…The principal shall pay all costs, charges, and damages, and save harmless and indemnify the sheriff against any and all claims by the defendants or by any third person or party against him on account of any and all lawful steps the sheriff is to make or to take under said writ, whether or not such writ is lawful or unlawful”.

The bond should be made out to “SHERIFF WILL REICHARDT”.