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Risk Management

Risk Manager: Jessica Neill Hoyson

Skagit County Safety Policies, Procedures and Programs

Section 1: Statement of Skagit County Safety Policy

1.1 Statement of Purpose
1.2 Employee Receipt of Rules/Procedures

Section 2: Responsibilities

2.1 Department Heads and Elected Officials
2.2 Risk Management
2.3 Supervisors
2.4 Employees
2.5 Code of General Safety Rules

Section 3: Program Participation

3.1 Safety Committee
3.2 Special Safety Teams
3.3 Safety Technician

Section 4: Program Elements

4.1 Hazard Assessment and Control
4.2 Incident Reporting and Investigation
4.3 Information and Training
4.4 Safety Orientation and Training
4.5 Responsibility for Training and Scheduling
4.6 Enforcement of Safety Procedures

Section 5: Recordkeeping

5.1 Supervisors Report of Accident
5.2 OSHA Form 300-Log of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses
5.3 Summary of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses
5.4 Employee Exposure and Medical Records
5.5 Safety Training Records

Section 6: Specific Safety Procedures

6.1 Emergency Evacuation Plan
6.2 First Aid and Medical Services
6.3 Fire Prevention
6.4 Hazard Communication ("Right-To-Know") Program
6.5 Bloodborne Pathogens
6.6 Ergonomics
6.7 Lockout/Tagout Program
6.8 Confined Space Program
6.9 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
6.10 Respiratory Protection
6.11 Machine Guarding/Machinery
6.12 Hearing Conservation
6.13 Violence in the Workplace
6.14 Industrial Truck Operations
6.15 Hand and Power Portable Tools
6.16 Ladders and Scaffolding

Section 7: Skagit County Written Policies (Pdf)

AED Policy
Bloodborne Pathogen
Confined Space Program
Driver Safety Program
Emergency Evacuation Procedures
Ergonomic Policy
Hazard Communication Program
Hearing Loss Prevention Program
Heat Related Illness in the Workplace
Lockout/Tag out Program
Respiratory Protection Program
Service Animal Policy
Workplace Violence Policy