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Filing a Claim

How do I file a claim against Skagit County?

You may obtain a copy of claim forms from this website, or by reaching out to Risk Management at riskmgmt@co.skagit.wa.us.
Claim forms must be completed, signed, and mailed or delivered to:

Skagit County Auditor
Administration Bldg.
700 S Second, Rm. 201
PO Box 1306
Mount Vernon WA 98273

Pursuant to Skagit County Code Chapter 2.40 and RCW Chapter 4.96:

To file a claim against Skagit County, the Standard Tort Claim form must be mailed or delivered to the Skagit County Auditor within the applicable period of limitations within which an action must be commenced.

Skagit County Risk Management has forms for that purpose pursuant to SCC 2.40.010:

Additional form for vehicle collision: If your claim involves a motor vehicle accident, complete and include Vehicle Collision Report.

Additional Form for personal injury claim: If you are presenting a personal injury claim, complete, sign, and include the Medical Release Form.