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Clear & Beaver Lakes are located in the lower East Fork Nookachamps Watershed, approximately 6 miles east of Mount Vernon near the Town of Clear Lake. Both are small, shallow lakes of glacial origin.  The outlet located along the southern shoreline of Clear Lake empties into Fox Creek which provides a connection to Beaver Lake and likely serves as a conduit that facilitates the spread of invasive plants between the lakes during rain and flood events.

Clear Lake is approximately 200 acres with a mean depth of 23 feet and a maximum depth of 44 feet.  Beaver Lake is approximately 75 acres in surface area, 5 foot mean and 10 foot maximum depth.  Eurasian watermilfoil (Myriophyllum spicatum) was first discovered in Clear Lake in 1994 and in Beaver Lake in 1999. Brazilian elodea (Egeria densa) was discovered in Beaver Lake in 2005. The waterfront community received a grant to help develop and implement the Integrated Aquatic Plant Management Plan.  Lakeside residents voted to create the Lake Management District for Clear and Beaver Lakes (LMD 4) in 2007 for a period of ten years.  

The overall management goal is to eradicate Eurasian milfoil from Clear & Beaver Lakes and Brazilian elodea from Beaver Lake, prevent the spread of the noxious weeds to downstream water bodies during flood events, and control fragrant waterlilies ((Nymphaea odorata)  to facilitate increased access to the lake for recreational users.  Since the formation of the District, Brazilian elodea has been successfully eradicated from Beaver Lake and Eurasian watermilfoil was eradicated for a period of two years. Now there are only a few Eurasian watermilfoil plants in both lakes.  Great progress has also been made in controlling fragrant waterlilies around the public boat launch, docks, and swimming areas. 

Clear Lake & Beaver Lake Reports [Pdf]:

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