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Director: Brian Adams

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Squires Lake is perfect for a family hike. Just when the kids are asking “are we there yet?” you crest the 1/3 mile trail and are rewarded by a beautiful lake. The trail continues all the way around the lake and is augmented by an additional trail that goes up to the active beaver pond. The trail is open and wide and allows for two abreast conversation or single-minded heart pounding hiking. The trail is open to foot, bicycle, and hoofed animals. This trail is a favorite for training young lamas.  There are well placed benches around the lake to sit and enjoy the wildlife that surrounds this little piece of paradise.  One can make this hike, round trip to the parking lot, in less than twenty-five minutes. The access to this park is one half mile from I-5 freeway which makes it a great park to unwind and blend some nature into your life.

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In the early 1900’s Victor and Luia Squires purchased a large track of land, including the small lake, from Bloedel Donovan Timber Company. Several generations of Squires lived and worked the land until 1960. The Squires’ had their own trout hatchery and charged people to fish and trap on their land. In 1995 Whatcom Land Trust helped Whatcom County purchase the 80-acre parcel that has become public land for all to enjoy. Local businesses and individuals constructed the dam, built the parking lot, and paid for the initial development and park management. An anonymous gift of $300,000.00 matched Whatcom Conservation Futures money to buy property. Whatcom and Skagit County Parks and Recreation Departments maintain this park through a cooperative agreement.


Old Hwy 99 North Rd between South Lake Samish and Alger (Burlington)

Squires Lake Location Map


  • Day use only.

  • Alcoholic beverages and glass containers prohibited.

  • Pack it in, pack it out.

  • Dogs must be on leash.

  • No open fires or fireworks.