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Director: Brian Adams

Skagit County Parks, Recreation & Fair Staff: Working to create better Parks & Recreation opportunities in Skagit County

As we head into a time of the season when days are long, temperatures are (mostly) warm and recreational activities reaches fever pitch there is almost a desperate tone as we collectively recognize northwest sunny warm days are of finite supply.  Old man winter always stands in the shadows, forebodingly pacing back and forth-- like the grim reaper--watching and awaiting his opportunity to return with his infamous winter gloom and doom.  But alas, Skagit County Parks and Recreation is here to save you from the grim reaper’s winter sickle, providing plenty of opportunities to fit in two summers of fun in one gluttonous summer smorgasbord.  I’ll provide you with two spring events that will prime you up-- even before we officially hit summer:

Barney Lake Platform Dedication

Come May 4th we’ll be cutting ribbon on the Barney Lake Viewing Platform on the Centennial Trail.  A cohort of fine citizens from the Skagit Leadership program recently built a viewing platform in the Barney Lake Basin for recreationalists to enjoy the local Skagit Valley views.  The platform will present hikers with a close range views of active lowland farmlands and during the cool weather months, allow visitors to observe migrating Trumpeter Swans as they take flight from one of their preferred refuges in their southerly range.  Just to the south of proposed platform visitors are sure to take notice of Big Rock, a geological wonder and place of distinctive Salish People legend.  This unique geological feature rises ominously from the surrounding fertile farmlands, presenting a remnant reminder of the ancient glacial retreat in our planet’s captivating history.  Keep an eye on our website for event details as the date gets closer. 

Cross Island Trail Hike
Please join me on an annual birthday pilgrimage to what’s irrefutably the largest tree on Fidalgo Island.   This will be the inaugural pilgrimage utilizing a skillfully constructed path that will allow us to all get hugging distance of this majestic tree. Bryan Elliott, Kecia Fox, Bob Vaux and I located this tree thirty years ago after heeding an ancient Elvrum hippie legend alluding to the existence of a pair of sacred remnant old growth cedars, professedly located somewhere a quarter mile above “naked man valley.”   There were no trails anywhere near this area three decades ago but after cresting Mt. High-G, we spiraled down a slender ravine that led us to a pair of cedar steeples poking high above the vale.  One tree has since succumbed to the ruthless Hanukah windstorm of ‘06. This year we’ll start our hike from Bowman Bay at 10:00am, heading north past the tree and along the new Tursi Trail as we make our connection into the ACFL.  From there we’ll continue north towards town via Mount Erie and Heart Lake trails.   When the hike is done we’ll find a place to rehydrate.  It’s my hope the same four who discovered the tree thirty years ago we’ll all be able to attend and share stories along the crusade. 

Brian Adams
Director, Skagit Coutny Parks and Recreation


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