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In 2010, two groups emerged with a vested interest to improving health for Skagit County people. These groups were; One Community, One Voice and The Skagit County Alliance for Healthcare Access (SCAHA). Both groups met for several years with the goal of creating a plan and a vision that multiple service sectors and citizens would work together to improve the health for the people who live in Skagit County.

These two groups and the participants laid the foundation for the development of the Population Health Trust Advisory Committee.

Health care in Washington and individual counties have been experiencing significant changes since the passage of the Affordable Care Act. Many of these changes aim to improve the quality of care, the quality of the patient’s experience, and doing it all in a fiscally responsible manner.

These changes have put considerable downward pressure on many communities, which has resulted in people asking:

  • "How should we change?”
  • "Why should we change?” and
  • "What is the best direction for Skagit County?”

Skagit County and many of the service sector leaders decided it was time for a county-wide health plan. The recent SCAHA Board members and Skagit County leadership decided the County would be the most likely entity that could bring the resources together to develop a community health plan. In 2015, the County created the position of Community Health Analyst with the goal of facilitating the development of a community health assessment and plan.

Kristen Ekstran
Community Health Analyst
Skagit County Public Health
Office: (360) 416-1524