Office of Juvenile Court

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Office of Juvenile Court

Administrator: Lisa Tremblay

Detention Programs

Skagit County Detention provides educational programming through contracted services with the local Educational Services District 189. Each person receives individual testing and assessment. The Detention school staff also consult with educational staff from the person’s resident school district. An individual educational program is then created for that person to begin working on for the duration of their stay.

Substance Abuse
Counselors and AA/NA sponsors provide weekly educational and support services for those needing/wanting to deal with various substance abuse issues. Individual assessments, evaluations, counseling, outpatient treatment plans and residential treatment plans are among the various services available.

Mental Health
Various private/public agencies and counselors help provide counseling, assessments, and evaluations as needed for a variety of mental health needs.

Faith Services
Faith services are offered for those wishing to participate by a variety of faith based organizations.

Physical Health
Skagit County Health Department provides part-time services of a nurse and physician to address physical needs of persons while in detention.