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Director: Bonnie Beddall
Law Enforcement Career Opportunities

Obtaining Positions with the Skagit County Sheriff's Office
Current Employment Opportunities with Skagit County

Physical Ability Standards

Special Application Procedure for Lateral Entry Skagit County is accepting applications for lateral entry positions for patrol deputy and corrections deputy on a year-round basis at this time. Those wishing to submit applications for lateral entry positions must meet the following criteria-completed the Washington state criminal justice training commission basic law enforcement course, or, if law enforcement experience is from out-of-state, current certification from that state and the ability to pass the Washington state equivalency examination. Additionally, patrol applicants must have at least two years experience as a full-time police officer or deputy sheriff

Civil Service

Hiring for positions in the Sheriff's Office (Patrol Deputies, Corrections Deputies, Support Services) is governed by the Skagit County Civil Service.  An independent entity, the Civil Service Commission screens and tests applicants for positions in the Sheriff's Office and submits the names of the top candidates to the Sheriff for selection.  Only those persons who have successfully passed the civil service test are eligible for hire, based upon their numerical ranking on a civil service list.  There are separate civil service tests and lists for each position in the department.  Civil service lists are established when a vacancy exists or is expected in one of the positions in the Sheriff's Office.  Civil service lists are valid for limited periods of time, usually one to two years.  While civil service lists for the positions of corrections and patrol deputy are renewed regularly, lists for support services positions are established only when an opening occurs.

Application Procedure

When a civil service list has expired, or when vacancies occur, a notice of the opportunity to apply and test for the position is published in the Skagit Valley Herald newspaper, as well as the Washington State Law Enforcement Digest and on this website.  For the position of deputy, the application period is usually one month.  The cost of testing applicants is defrayed by charging all applicants an application and testing fee.  A completed application, along with a resume and cover letter and the appropriate application/testing fee, must be mailed to the Civil Service Commission prior to the closing date.  Application forms can be obtained by mail.  Telephone the County Personnel Office, e-mail the Personnel Office through this website, or call the Personnel Office's job hotline.  

Testing Procedure

Deputy Sheriff standards:
Testing for the position of deputy includes a written test, a physical agility test, and an oral interview conducted by a panel of interviewers. The skagit county civil service commission administers the current Washington state criminal justice training commission physical agility tests specific for either patrol or corrections, both of which tests aerobic fitness, flexibility, abdominal strength and endurance, and upper body strength and endurance.

Deputy Sheriff: Physical Fitness Ability Test Standards
(Patrol & Corrections entry-level only)

Corrections: Physical Ability Standards

Support services and other non-commissioned positions:
Testing varies by position, but includes a written and a skills test, as well as an oral interview conducted by a panel of interviewers.

Lateral entry patrol and corrections: Includes an oral interview conducted by a panel of interviewers and an essay-type written examination.

Other Requirements

Applicants who successfully complete the testing process and are selected to fill open positions will be given an offer of employment contingent upon meeting the following requirements:

  • Satisfactory criminal background check
  • Satisfactory polygraph (lie detector) test
  • Satisfactory psychological examination

These additional requirements are administered by professionals working in or on contract with the Sheriff's Office.

Disqualifying Factors

  • Any Felony conviction
  • Criminal activity of a felony nature that could result in prosecution
  • Drug usage that would constitute criminal activity of a felony nature
  • Current habitual drug and/or alcohol abuse

    The following list of actions or events may disqualify an applicant from employment with the Skagit County Sheriff’s Office, and will be reviewed on a case by case basis:
  • Criminal activity of a felony nature where the statute of limitations has expired.
  • Misdemeanor convictions, including traffic violations.
  • Criminal activity of a misdemeanor nature, including traffic violations.
  • Marijuana use within past two years from date of application


Veteran's Preference

Veterans of the United States Armed Forces may qualify for receiving additional "bonus" points during the civil service testing process.  Information is available upon request from the Personnel Office.

On-going Interest

Those interested in being notified by mail of future advertisements for the positions of Patrol Deputy and/or Corrections Deputy are encouraged to send us your name and mailing address via this e-mail site, or by phone to our office or our Job Hotline.  Be sure to indicate whether you are interested in Patrol Deputy or Corrections Deputy or both.