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Food Safety

Director: Jennifer Johnson

What Type of Food Service Permit Do I Need?
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Wholesale Operation
Wholesale operations (those directly produced then sold to a secondary market) require licensure outside of this Department. Please contact the Washington State Department of Agriculture, (360-902-1800) or if your products are sold only within the state of Washington. For sales across state lines, you may need to contact the US Food and Drug Administration or the USDA

Retail Operation

If you are selling food directly to the consumer, such as a restaurant, grocery store, deli, candy kitchen, you need to be licensed by the Skagit County Health Department if your operation is within Skagit County or any of its incorporated cities.

Temporary Food Service

Skagit County Health Department has a temporary food service permit for one-time events. An example of this would be a booth at a fair, selling hot dogs at a sporting event, or a holiday bazaar at a church. These permits are good for 21 consecutive days, and are required even when your organization is a non-profit organization. They are required whether or not payment is received for the food served.

Submit a completed Temporary Food Service Application (Pdf) and the appropriate fee to the Skagit County Health Department.If the application indicates any food items of concern or questionable food handling practices, an environmental health specialist will contact you. If you are not contacted, you may presume that your application and food service operation meets Health Department requirements.

Other permits available for specific temporary events – contact the Health Department for more information:

Farmers Market

A Farmers' Market provides a setting for local growers to sell their produce and "value added" products. There are some products that require oversight to ensure they are safe. These guidelines are intended to provide some measure of regulation to ensure safe products are sold at Skagit County Farmers' Markets, while still allowing for this unique setting.