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Skagit County Public Health Department's Food Safety Program is responsible for inspecting and permitting retail food service establishments (FSE). Our mission is to prevent illnesses caused by improper preparation of food through foodworker education, consumer education, disease investigation, and inspections of everything from restaurants to high school concession stands.

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Food Code Updates - Chapter 246-215 WAC


On March 1, 2022, an updated version of the Washington State Food Code became effective. This page will provide information on those changes. For even more information, see the Washington State Department of Health's Food Safety Rules and Regulations.

Please see the Active Managerial Control Materials available on the Department of Health website for more information about these new changes. You can find templates, handouts, and other useful information now in English, Spanish, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Korean, Russian, Somali, Tagalog, and Vietnamese.


There are some specific foods that will need to be marked and used within seven days. Those foods are refrigerated, ready-to-eat, perishable foods that are prepared in-house or in open packages. This applies only to foods that will be held in the establishment for more than 24 hours. Written labels on food containers, day dots, or other systematic procedures that effectively track the expiration of foods are acceptable.

The day of preparation counts as day one. If you combine any ingredients that are date marked, you must continue to use the earliest date for the new product. If a food item has been cooled on-site and will be held in the establishment for more than 24 hours, date marking will be required, starting with the first day of cooling.

Below are some other examples of foods that require date marking, as well as some exceptions:


The new code allows for containers to be refilled or reused if certain requirements are met. There are different requirements for containers that are provided by the food establishment or containers that are brought in by the customer.


State Department of Health and the Washington Hospitality Association produced some short training videos covering the major food code updates. These videos are available for viewing by anyone on the Washington Hospitality Association website Quick Bites- Feb, 17, 2022


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