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"Always working for a safer and healthier Skagit County"
Director: Jennifer Johnson
Program Eligibility
Do you have a child five years of age or younger?
Does your child have Apple Health for Kids or a Provider One card?
Do you and your child live in Skagit County?
If you answered YES to ALL THREE QUESTIONS, please contact Emily at: (360) 416-1523 to learn about how to get dental services for your child.
Program Benefits
1 initial dental exam
2 dental exams per year (6 months apart)
3 fluoride varnish applications per year
2 parent education sessions per child per year
Fillings and other dental work (as needed)
Program Background
In 1994 a group of concerned dentists, dental educators, public health agencies, the state dental association, and State Medicaid representatives came together to address the problem of the severe lack of dental access by Washington State's high-risk preschool children. The proposed solution was the development of the ABCD Program.

The first ABCD program opened for enrollment in Spokane, Washington in February 1995 as a collaborative effort between several partners in the public and private sectors. Its success has led other county dental societies and health districts in Washington to adopt the program, as well as prompted interest from other states.

The Skagit county ABCD Program began in September of 2004 and is coordinated though the Skagit County Public Health & Community Services in conjunction with the University of Washington School of Dentistry, Washington Dental Service Foundation, and the Health Care Authority (HCA).

Program Materials
ABCD Brochure
ABCD Brochure (Spanish)