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Assessor: David M. Thomas

Assessor General Information/Property Tax Exemption

State law provides property tax benefits for senior citizens and disabled persons in two categories:
  • Senior Citizens and Disabled Persons Exemption Program
  • Property Tax Deferral Programs

Applicants must be age 61 or older on December 31 of filing year (no age requirement for disabled persons) and owner and occupant of single family dwelling, mobile home, one unit in multi-unit or cooperative housing. Exemption includes Life Estates. Temporary confinement to a nursing home is allowed. Combined disposable income cannot exceed $35,000 for prior year (including income of spouse and co-tenant). Claims may be filed with the County Assessor any time during the year. No annual renewal is required after the initial claim is filed unless there is a change in income status, ownership or other factors affecting eligibility.