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Skagit County Guemes Island Ferry Replacement Project #ESMVGUE-1

Please note: There are four separate RFI’s provided containing technical project information, vendors are welcome to respond to one or more of them.


Skagit County (the County) owns and operates a vehicle and passenger ferry, and associated terminal structures, which has provided service between Anacortes and Guemes Island, WA since 1979. Due to the advanced age of the vessel and the high cost of extending operation beyond its economic useful life of 40 years, Skagit County has determined an immediate need for replacement. Glosten has been selected by Skagit County to design a 160-ft. battery electric vessel and the associated on shore electrical and charging systems.

The Guemes Island Ferry replacement vessel is expected to be the first purpose-built electric vehicle and passenger ferry in the United States. The battery electric system for this project could serve as a model for similar future ferry projects in Washington State and the surrounding region.

Information requested includes detailed technical information including a basic one-line diagram, equipment drawings, specifications, and rough order of magnitude (ROM) pricing for this equipment to progress the design of the vessel. Vendors are invited to respond to one or more of the RFIs. The information provided in response to the RFIs will not be used as a basis for selection of vendor or equipment. Submission of information in response to this RFI by any party is voluntary, and parties will not be compensated for the submission of information. No preference or special consideration will be given to Vendors who submit information, and Vendors will not be precluded from participating in the subsequent formal procurement process for not submitting information in response to this RFI. Information submitted will not be considered or treated as proprietary or confidential by the County, and will be subject to public disclosure.

Questions can be directed to:
Captain Rachel Rowe, Ferry Division Manager,
1800 Continental Place, Mount Vernon, WA 98273;

(360) 416-1400.


Responses are requested by June 30, 2020, and must be emailed to Captain Rachel Rowe, Ferry Operations Division Manager, at