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Salmon Habitat Monitoring Program
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Skagit County Salmon Habitat Monitoring Program
The Salmon Habitat Monitoring Program, established by Skagit County Resolution R20030210 (later replaced by Resolution R20040211), is designed to measure stream conditions important to salmon habitat. Data collected by the Monitoring Program will be used to assess the effectiveness of County Ordinance O20030020, Critical Areas Regulation for Ongoing Agriculture. The four objectives of the program are:

  1. Determine baseline conditions
  2. Through additional monitoring, determine trends over time
  3. Determine if habitat conditions are improving, degrading, or remaining the same in Ag-Natural Resource Lands (NRL) and RRc-NRL zoned lands
  4. Provide a means to differentiate between trends in salmon habitat in Ag-NRL and RRc-NRL zoned lands versus other lands under Skagit County jurisdiction

Reports and Data (Pdf)

2012 Salmon Habitat Survey Summary
2011 Salmon Habitat Survey Summary

2010 Salmon Habitat Survey Summary

2009 Salmon Habitat Survey Summary

2008 Salmon Habitat Survey Summary
2007 Salmon Habitat Survey Summary
2006 Salmon Habitat Survey Summary

2004/2005 Salmon Habitat Survey Baseline Report

The Skagit County Salmon Habitat Monitoring Program

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