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Office of Juvenile Court

Administrator: Michael Johnson
Welcome to Skagit County Office of Juvenile Court.

We provide a variety of services to youth and families of Skagit County. In doing so, we aspire to the following guiding principals:

We believe that youth should understand the impact of their actions on victims and the community, accept responsibility for their actions and experience consequences that balance the impact of their actions with what will be effective for their rehabilitation.

We believe that all of Skagit County’s citizens deserve to be and feel safe from crime snd/or othr anti-social behavior.

We believe that youth have strengths, are capable of change, can earn redemption, and can become responsible and productive members of our community.

Referral Flowchart

We have four main divisions of services. To help direct your navigation a brief description of each is as follows:

CASA Services
A Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) is a volunteer trained, sworn, and assigned by the court to provide independent advocacy for an individual child’s future best interest regarding decisions about living with relatives, reunification with a parent, guardianship, adoption, foster placement, etc..  For more information: CASA | CASA on Facebook.  

Court Services
The Court Services Program is a team of staff providing services that facilitate Court and non-Court methods of responding to both criminal and non-criminal activity.

Detention Services
The Detention Services Program is a team of staff providing services and accountability, during confinement, to youths being held for investigation of new offenses, or as a result of a Court Order.

Probation Services.
The Probation Services Program is a team of staff providing services through rehabilitative programs and accountability to youths that have been convicted and placed on community supervision/probation by a Court.

There are several way to contact us, if we can be of further assistance:

  • Call us at (360) 416-1230, or FAX us at (360) 416-1240
  • Write us at 611 South Second Street, Mount Vernon, WA 98273-3820
  • Email us.
  • Come see us.(see map for directions)

    We welcome any comments or questions regarding our website or services.