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On-site Sewage System Inspection Requirements at Real Estate Transfer

According to Chapter 12.05.160 Skagit County On-site Sewage Code, before any transfer of property with an on-site sewage system, an Operations and Maintenance (O/M) inspection must be completed by a certified O/M Specialist, except when:

(a) An O/M inspection has been completed within six months prior to the property transfer; or
(b) The house has been vacant for more than two years.

A copy of the O/M inspection report shall be provided to the buyer and Health Officer.

If your client is the seller, they have a responsibility to have the septic system inspected within six months of the closing. We recommend that the inspection be done near the time an offer is made. The inspection must be done by a Skagit County Certified O/M Provider. The list of providers is available: Operations and Maintenance Providers List . In addition The Seller Disclosure Statement (Form 17) checklist asks When was it last inspected and by whom?

If your client is the buyer, they have the right to see a completed On-site Sewage inspection report before closing, The inspection should be dated within six months of the closing. Completed inspections will be documented with septic system information on our septic search website