Assessor's Office

Assessor: David M. Thomas

Assessor General Information/ What is Current Use Assessment?
RCW Chapter 84.34 provides special consideration to property owners wishing to have land assessed for taxation purposes on the basis of its current use rather than its fair market value. The Open Space Act provides for current use appraisal of farm and agricultural land, timberland and open space land. Applications for classification are made to the Assessor for farm and agricultural land and to the county legislative authority for open space and timberland. Once land is classified, taxes are based on the current-use value rather than highest and best use. The Assessor must maintain the current use value for as long as the property remains classified. At the same time, a record of the fair market value of the property is kept. The difference between the current-use value and the fair market value becomes the basis for computing the amount of additional taxes, penalties and interest that may become payable upon a change of use or removal from classification.