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Guemes Island Ferry

Ferry Operations Manager: Rachel Rowe

News and Notices

Guemes Island Ferry Haul-Out Extended to October 24, 2014

The M/V Guemes is currently at Foss Shipyard for the haul-out and maintenance period; the vessel was originally scheduled to be out of service until October 14, 2014. During this year’s haul-out, UT (Ultrasonic Thickness) tests were performed on the hull of the vessel as well as on the main fire system piping. For informational purposes, the United States Coast Guard allows no more than 25% wastage on steel components such as piping and hull plating. Inspection results revealed that most of the fire system piping and sea water suction piping, which is original to the vessel, has wastage that exceeds the Coast Guard’s maximum allowable amount. As a result, the Coast Guard has mandated that all fire piping and sea water suction piping be replaced before the vessel goes back into service.

The required piping replacement will add 8-10 days to the haul-out period which was originally supposed to be 21 days (September 24 through October 14). Therefore, it is anticipated that the M/V Guemes will not return to regular service before October 24, 2014. The estimated cost of this additional work is approximately $100,000.

The UT inspection also revealed a bilge strike plate on the hull that is showing wastage that is nearing the maximum allowable amount of 25%. Skagit County has requested, and been granted, a waiver for replacement of this plate. The Coast Guard has mandated that Skagit County crop and renew this bilge plate by September 29, 2015.

Haul-Out and Time Extension QnA's

Guemes Island Ferry Service Update

Please be advised that a counterweight sheave malfunction will require repair to the Guemes dock prior to the return of the M/V Guemes. A spun bearing in one of the Guemes dock counterweight sheaves could cause significant damage and, if left unattended, could potentially shut down operation of the dock all together. Culbertson Marine will remove the damaged part of the sheave and send it to a fabrication shop for re-conditioning. During the time the machine shop is working, the Guemes Island dock will be temporarily shut down. Culbertson plans to re-install the sheave as soon as the machine shop is finished.

The landing craft Warrior will replace the Strait Arrow to facilitate beach landings on Guemes Island starting Tuesday, October 7, 2014, at 6:30 a.m. In Anacortes, loading and unloading will continue to take place at the regular ferry dock. At this time, it is tentatively anticipated that the Strait Arrow will be back in service on Friday, October 10, 2014.

Here are some things you should know:

  • On Guemes Island, the Warrior will be using the boat ramp for landings. The ramp is concrete; however, there is a bit of sand to negotiate. Ferry crews will be placing black mats on the sandy parts of the beach at the top of the ramp.
  • In stormy weather or adverse tides, the landing craft will not be able to operate.
  • Beach landings may be challenging for those with limited mobility.
  • Our crew is here to assist; however, we are advising that if you don’t have to travel you may want stay home.
  • Some carts, particularly those with small plastic wheels, may not be the best choice for use on the beach.
  • At the Anacortes dock, there is a gap between the ramp of the Warrior and the Anacortes dock. Heavy wheelbarrows and some carts may be more difficult to load and unload.
  • When traveling on the Warrior, please pack light; your trip will be safer and much easier.

As always, if you have any questions or need assistance with planning your trip, please call our main ferry office at (360) 293-6433. We apologize for this inconvenience. For updates to this information, please visit, or


Due to the 21-day haul-out, the expiration dates on some vehicle and driver punch cards will be extended for 30 days past the stamped expiration date. The 30-day exten­sion will apply only to vehicle and driver punch cards that are stamped with an expiration date of September 24, 2014, or later.

If your vehicle and driver punch card expires prior to September 24, 2014, the extension will not apply. Please be aware that passenger punch cards may still be used dur­ing the haul-out; therefore, no extensions will apply to the stamped expiration date of passenger punch cards.
Guemes Island Ferry haul-out to take place from September 24 through October 14, 2014

The 2014 Guemes Island Ferry haul-out will take place from September 24 through October 14. The M/V Guemes will depart Anacortes for Foss Shipyard in Seattle, WA on Tuesday, September 23, 2014 at approximately 9:00 p.m. The car ferry’s last run will occur Tuesday, September 23 at 8:30 p.m. The vessel is scheduled to return to regular service Thursday, October 15 at 6:00 a.m.

To improve reliability, lower costs, and protect capital improvement, Skagit County adopted a maintenance program that includes an annual dry-docking of the Guemes Island Ferry. Work to be done on the vessel during the haul-out period includes hull cleaning and painting, zinc replacement, UT shots of the hull and fire system piping, replacing hydraulic and oil lines for main engines and outdrives, removing, re-conditioning and re-installing propellers, replacing seals in outdrives, piping modifications and steel renewal in the engine rooms, painting of the house, car deck and voids and other maintenance items. In addition, the M/V Guemes will be inspected by the US Coast Guard for its required dry dock credit.

Arrow Launch will provide passenger-only service beginning September 24, 2014 at 6:00 a.m. that will operate according to the regular sailing schedule. This service will operate from the ferry’s regular docks in Anacortes and on Guemes Island. Please note the passenger-only service will operate on the peak sailing schedule through September 30, 2014. Beginning October 1, 2014, the service will operate on the non-peak sailing schedule. The sailing schedules and passenger fares can be found at The passenger-only vessel accommodates 49 passengers and carries both bicycles and small motorbikes. Skagit Transit will provide a bus on Guemes Island to provide transportation to and from the ferry dock.

For more information, please contact Rachel Rowe at (360) 336-9400 or at

2014 Haul-Out Frequently Asked Questions

Skagit Transit Shuttle Information

Ferry Replacement Plan

In 2013, Skagit County Public Works hired Elliott Bay Design Group to assemble a Ferry Replacement Plan for the M/V Guemes. The final report was issued on November 22, 2013.  On March 26, 2014, Elliott Bay Design Group presented that report to attendees of the Guemes Island Ferry Operations Public Forum.  A public comment period was open until April 11, 2014. 

Skagit County Public Works would like to thank everyone who submitted input during the open comment period for the Ferry Replacement Plan.  A lot of really great feedback was received and is now available for public review.  Before Public Works issues a response to all of the questions and comments, there will be an open work session held with the Board of Skagit County Commissioners.  The public is welcome to attend and listen to a presentation of the Ferry Replacement Plan that will be given by Elliott Bay Design Group.  The work session will be held Tuesday, August 26, 2014, at 8:30 a.m. in the Commissioner’s Hearing Room, at 1800 Continental Place, Mount Vernon, WA 98274.  For more information, please contact Rachel Rowe, Ferry Operations Division Manager, at (360) 336-9400.

The 2014 Ferry Fare Revenue Target Report

Skagit County Public Works would like to thank everyone who attended the Ferry Operations Public Forum on March 26, 2014. Also, a big thank you to Elliott Bay Design Group for traveling up here from Seattle to present the Ferry Replacement Plan. The power point presentations from the meeting are now available. For more information on the Draft 2014 Ferry Fare Revenue Target Report or the Ferry Replacement Plan, please see the information below. We are currently accepting public comment on both and we are looking forward to hearing what you have to say.

2014 Ferry Fare Revenue Target Report
Public Forum Presentation

Ferry Replacement Plan Presentation

2014 Work Plan
2013 Ferry Operations Status Report

14-Year Ferry Capital Improvement Plan and Status Report Posted
On December 10, 2013, Public Works presented the 14-Year Ferry Capital Improvement Plan, 2014-2027, to the Board of Skagit County Commissioners. The Board has approved the plan. Public Works welcomes comments on the 14-Year Ferry Capital Improvement plan throughout the year.

Guemes Island Ferry 2013 Draft Operations Status Report

Public Works presented the Guemes Island Ferry 2013 Draft Operations Status Report to the Board of Skagit County Commissioners on December 17, 2013. This draft report is and the BCC presentation is available. Public comments will be accepted until January 31, 2014.

To submit comments and/or suggestions on this draft report and/or plan: please contact Rachel Rowe, Ferry Operations Division Manager,, or (360) 419-7618.

You can also submit comments in writing to: Skagit County Public Works, Attn: Rachel Rowe, at 1800 Continental Place, Mount Vernon, WA 98273. The final report will be distributed in February, 2014.

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Portable gas containers
Each vehicle or vehicle and trailer is allowed no more than two 6-gallon containers of gasoline, subject to the following:

  • No single container shall exceed a maximum water capacity of 6 gallons;
  • Gasoline containers must be UL or USCG approved;
  • Portable containers must be tightly closed, not missing any parts, and stowed in a secure manner to the satisfaction of ferry personnel;
  • Portable containers must not be transported in the passenger compartment of a motor vehicle;
  • Each owner or operator of a vehicle must advise ferry personnel of the presence in or on their vehicle of any portable containers of gasoline;
  • Gasoline containers shall be made available for inspection by ferry personnel, and a visual inspection must be performed before any containers are allowed onboard;
  • Any container showing deterioration which might affect its integrity will not be allowed onboard the vessel;
  • Smoking is not allowed onboard the ferry at any time.

Portable gasoline containers may only be transported in the open bed of a pick-up truck or on an open trailer. Portable gas containers cannot be transported in the trunk of a vehicle and cannot be carried onboard by a walk-on passenger or in a wheelbarrow.

Passengers can take advantage of Skagit Transit Route 49 plus service via a bus stop located within our brand new Anacortes ferry terminal. The service will operate on a dial-a-ride basis Monday through Saturday. 24 hours advance notice is preferred; however, people can call the same day to schedule a pick-up. Brochures are available in the Anacortes ferry terminal.
For more information, please call Skagit Transit at (360) 757-4433.
More information (Pdf)

Schedule, Tickets, and General Information
Ferry Information
Ticket Information
  • Tickets for vehicles under 20 feet in line as you board. Walk-on and Bicycle tickets are sold at the office prior to vehicle sales.
  • Tickets for vehicles over 20 feet or towing trailers may be purchased in advance in the office.
  • Boarding of the ferry will start approximately 10 minutes prior to sailing time.
  • Tickets Paid By Cash, Check, Travelers Check or Credit Cards. Credit Cards are only accepted in advance in the terminal office.
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