Superior Court

Superior Court Judges: Brian L. Stiles, Laura M. Riquelme, Michael E. Rickert, Dave Needy Superior & Juvenile Court Administrator: Lisa Tremblay
Superior Court Manager: Melissa Beaton

Mission Statement

The mission of Skagit County Superior Court is to deliver fair, prompt, and understandable resolutions of legal disputes. We will provide equal access to justice and treat participants professionally, impartially and respectfully.

Superior Court Handles the Following Cases:

Felony Criminal
Dissolution and Custody
Juvenile Court Proceedings
Paternity Cases/Adoption Matters
Mental Commitment Proceedings


Brian L. Stiles, Judge
Department 1

Michael E. Rickert, Judge
Department 2

Laura M. Riquelme, Judge
Department 3

Dave Needy, Judge
Department 4

Court Commissioners

G. Brian Paxton
Karen Lerner

Superior & Juvenile Court Administrator

Lisa Tremblay

Superior Court Manager

Melissa Beaton

All court records and documents are maintained in the Skagit County Clerk's Office. Please call that office directly at (360)416-1800 for all related inquiries about the court file.