Skagit County Corrections

Chief of Corrections: Charlie Wend
Sending mail to an inmate

The address for inmates at the Skagit County Jail is:

( Name of the Inmate )
c/o Skagit County Jail
600 S. 3rd St.
Mount Vernon, Washington

Question: May I send pictures to an inmate?

Answer: Yes, you may send up to two pictures in a single mailing, under the following guidelines:

1. No pictures of an obscene or sexually explicit nature.
2. No pictures which portray gang signs or endorse gang affiliation.
3. No pictures of a racist or inflammatory nature.
4. No Polaroid pictures.
5. There can not be anything stuck to the picture, i.e. tape, old glue etc.

Question: What items can be sent to an inmate?

Answer: A letter. Letters with glitter, stickers, perfume, lipstick, tape, etc. will be returned to sender.
Two (2) photographs.
A plain greeting card. Greeting cards with glitter, electronics (sound cards), stickers, etc. will be returned to sender.
Money orders or cashiers checks. Money orders and cashiers checks must be made out to: Skagit County Jail.

Question: May I send material printed off of the internet, pages from a book, coloring pages, word game pages, etc?

Answer: No. No printed material of any kind will be accepted.

Question: Is there a size limitation on something sent to an inmate?

Answer: Yes. Nothing larger than a legal sized envelope can be sent to an inmate.