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The Population Health Trust (PHT or Trust) is a community advisory committee to the Skagit County Board of Health. We are composed of a broad spectrum of community leaders who have the commitment, capacity, vision, and knowledge to establish and implement a common agenda in support of community health. Our mission is to work together to improve health for ALL.

Together we build trust, momentum, and synergy to achieve strategies and actions to improve the overall health of all community members. For more information, please click on “Our Work.”

Our Mission: Working Together to Improve Health for ALL.


To work towards creating a healthier and more equitable  community, we need to know and understand the state of health and wellness in  Skagit County. How do we do that? We use a combination of qualitative data collection  (surveys, interviews, focus groups) paired with quantitative data (rates of  disease, demographic data, and other indicators of health) to get a clear  picture of health and wellness needs. This is all collected and composed into Community Health Assessment  report that is released every five years. For more information, please click on "Our Work."


The impact of Trust’s work is collective across agencies and our community. Through our work we see changes in policies, creation of programs, increases in funding, and training. The trickling down of these impacts are improvements in overall population health.


Our Vision for Health Equity in Skagit County
Health Equity means that everyone in our community has a fair and just opportunity for healthy living.  This requires that we address and remove barriers to individual and community health that

arise from poverty and discrimination (whether based on race, education, gender identity, sexual orientation, job status, housing status, or disability) that result in compromised health and powerlessness, and are often derived from lack of access to:

  • Good jobs with fair pay
  • Quality education
  • Healthy housing
  • Nutritious foods
  • Safe environments and active lifestyles
  • Quality healthcare

We are especially committed to eliminating disparities in health for excluded or marginalized groups within our community.

For more information about our work, please contact Kristen Ekstran at kekstran@co.skagit.wa.us or call 360-416-1500.


COVID Recovery Plan | 3:28 | 11:37
COVID Action Plan - En Español | 10:10

To listen to some of the feedback and insight from members of the Trust Advisory Board and other community members, who were involved in the development of the 2022 COVID Recovery plan, click on the links below.

Cole Blitzenburg, Community Action Skagit

Margaret Rojas, North Sound BH-ASO
Kat Lohman, Skagit Valley Family YMCA
Chris Johnson, PeaceHealth
Linden Ordan, PFLAG
Lyndie Simmons, United General District 304
Anneliese Vance-Sherman, Employment Security Department
Carolyn Conner, Registered Dietician
George Kosovich, Skagit County Public Health

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