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Treasurer Skagit County

Mount Vernon, Washington


                Please present to the Board of County Commissioners of Skagit County, Washington, this application for advertising for re-sale of Skagit County tax title property described as follows, to-wit:


  Account #                           Legal Description




                I hereby guarantee to make a minimum bid of $___________ for the above described property, if the County Commissioners will issue an order for advertising and sale of same.


                And, I hereby agree if I am the successful bidder on said property, that I will on the day of the sale pay to the County Treasurer the required amount, and if I should fail to do this the County Treasurer will have authority to cancel all matters concerning my application and bid thereto.


                Enclosed herewith find $___________ for deposit, which shall be forfeited to the County as liquidated damage if there should be no bid for the above described property on the date of sale.


                If applicant should be the highest bidder on day of sale the above deposit will be in addition to the purchase price, for expense of advertising, and deed or contract, and other expense the County may be put to in connection with this sale.


                If the highest bidder on day of sale should be someone other than the applicant, the purchaser is required to pay the above described expense in addition to his or her bid, and the $______________ shall be refunded by the County Treasurer to the applicant.


                All matters in regard to this application and sale of property shall be subject to the approval of the County Commissioners.


                Signed this______________________ day of _________________________________________________



Print Name of Applicant                                                                                    ____________________________________

                                                                                                                                               Signature of Applicant


______________________________________                                       ____________________________________




                                                                                                                                City                          State                        Zip


I hereby acknowledge receipt of $____________ for earnest money.               SkagitCounty Treasurer









                WHEREAS, the real property described in application on front page, was heretofore, acquired by the County of Skagit, State of Washington, for delinquent taxes under tax foreclosure suit, and a deed for said real property was duly and regularly executed and delivered to said County by the County Treasurer in accordance with the laws of the State of Washington; and


            WHEREAS, THE Board of County Commissioners of said County deem it for the best interest of said County to sell said real property hereinbefore described,


                NOW THEREFORE, it is hereby ordered by the Board of County Commissioners of said County that the County Treasurer be and is hereby directed to sell, in conformity with the requirements of Chapter 263 Session Laws of 1927, as amended, of the State of Washington, the following described parcels of real property at not less than the minimum prices specified after each respective parcel.  Sale subject to the approval of the County Commissioners, to-wit:


                                                                                                                                                                           Minimum Amount









           Date of Sale



      Name of Purchaser






City           State            Zip



       Amount Sold For


This Space for Official Use                               This order dated and signed at Mount Vernon, Washington,




                                                                                This_________________ day of ______________________________




                                                                                                BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS,

                                                                        Skagit County, Washington





                                                                                                                                                                     Chairman of the Board