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Details for Parcel: P24676
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Skagit County - Rural Reserve
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Skagit County, WA (Jurisdiction, State)
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Current Legal Description    Abbreviation Definitions
INCLUDING MANUFACTURED HOME 2003 SKYLINE GREENBRIAR 48X28 SERIAL NUMBER 9U910504R LOT 2 OF SKAGIT COUNTY SHORT PLAT NUMBER PL01-0363 APPROVED AUGUST 27, 2001, AND RECORDED AUGUST 29, 2001, UNDER AUDITOR'S FILE NO. 200108290066, RECORDS OF SKAGIT COUNTY, WASHINGTON, BEING A PORTION OF THE SOUTHEAST QUARTER OF THE SOUTHWEST QUARTER OF SECTION 13, TOWNSHIP 34 NORTH, RANGE 4 EAST, W.M., TOGETHER WITH THAT PORTION OF LOT 1 OF THE ABOVE DESCRIBED SHORT PLAT NO. PL01-0363 FULLY DESCRIBED AS FOLLOWS: commencing at the southeast corner of said Lot 2; thence N 00 degrees 39'03' E along the east line of said Lot 2, a distance of 466.60 feet; thence N 79 degrees 39'57' W along the north line of said Lot 2; a distance of 16.22 feet to the point of beginning of this description; thence S 30 degrees 28'26' W, a distance of 130.06 feet; thence S 67 degrees 21'31' W, a distance of 43.54 feet; thence S 45 degrees 20'24' W, a distance of 81.17 feet; thence S 25 degrees 31''32' W, a distance of 70.88 feet; thence S 08 degrees 34'50' W, a distance of 22.72 feet; thence S 65 degrees 47'18' W, a distance of 81.12 feet; thence N 12 degrees 09'41' W, a distance of 221.13 feet; thence N 30 degrees 48'42' W a distance of 276.63 feet to the north line of said Lot 2; thence N 89 degrees 32'44' E along said north line, a distance of 193.88 feet; thence S 23 degrees 39'54' E along said north line, a distance of 133.22 feet; thence S 87 degrees 19'00' E along said north line, a distance of 82.14 feet; S 79 degrees 39'57' E along said north line, a distance of 132.84 to the point of beginning of this description.

2019 Values for 2020 Taxes* Sale Information 2020 Property Tax Summary
Building Market Value
Land Market Value
Total Market Value
Assessed Value
Taxable Value
Sale Date2003-07-25
Sale Price $.00
Sale requires NRL disclosure (more info)
2020 Taxable Value
General Taxes
Special Assessments/Fees
Total Taxes
* Effective date of value is January 1 of the assessment year (2019) Legal Description at time of Assessment
*Land Use (180) MOBILE HOMES WAC 458-53-030

Levy Code3352Fire DistrictF04
School DistrictSD101Exemptions
Utilities*SEP, WTR-PAcres2.04
Improvement 1 Attributes Summary
Building StyleDOUBLE WIDE
Year Built2003FoundationSKIRTING - BRK/STN VENEER
Above Grade Living Area1,302 Square Feet    Exterior WallsSIDING
Finished BasementRoof CoveringCOMP
*Total Living Area1,302 Square Feet    Heat/Air ConditioningHEAT PUMP
Unfinished BasementFireplaceDIRECT VENT
*Total Garage Area2376 Square Feet    Bedrooms
Bathrooms2 FULL BATHS
For additional information on individual segments see Improvements tab
* Land Use codes are for assessment administration purposes and do not represent jurisdictional zoning. Please contact the appropriate planning department in your jurisdiction for land use questions.
* Total living area includes above grade living area and finished basement area.
* Garage square footage includes all garage areas; basement garages, attached garages, detached garages, etc.
Assessment data for improvements is based on exterior inspections. Please contact the Assessor's office if the information does not accurately reflect the interior characteristics.