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Details for Parcel: P20689
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LA CONNER, WA  98257
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Current Legal Description    Abbreviation Definitions
(9.9100 ac) CU F&A #423 AF#762926 1973 TRNSF #807062: DR 15: DK 12: TH PTN SW1/4 GOV LOT 3 AF#764334 DAF COM AT E1/4 CRN OF SD SEC 24 TH N 89-25-30 W 2704.14FT ALG E & W C/L SD SEC TH S 0-34-30 W 17.50FT TO S MGN OF PETER DOWNEY RD SHOWN AS PLAT OF SKAGIT BEACH NO 1 TH S 89-25-30 E 246.91FT ALG S MGN TPB TH CONT S 89-25-30 E 339.82FT ALG SD S MGN TH S 0-34-30 W 1172.37FT TH S 59-44-35 W 159.23FT TH S 14-32-32 W 140.34FT TH S 27-23-04 W 92.31FT TH S 74-35-06 W 43.80FT TH N 89-25-30 W 241FT M/L TO WLY LN OF SD TR 3 PLATE 16 TH NLY ALG SD WLY LN TO NW CRN THEREOF TH ELY ALG N LN THEREOF TO NE CRN THEREOF SD PT ALSO BEING SE CRN SD TR 2 PLATE 16 TH NLY ALG ELY LN SD TR 2 PLAT 16 TH NLY ALG WLY LN TAP N 89-25-30 W FR TPB TH 89-25-30 E 600FT M/L TPB EXC TH PTN THEREOF LY WLY & NLY FDL COM E1/4 CRN SEC 24 TH N 89-25-30 W 2704.14FT ALG E & W C/L OF SD SEC TH S 0-34-30 W 17.50FT TO S MGN OF PETER DOWNEY RD TH S 89-25-30 E 246.91FT ALG SD S MGN TPB SD LN TH S 5-28-24 W 306.43FT TH S 88-44-57 E 100.06FT TH S 59-37-52 E 228.90FT TH S 0-45-35 W 263.46FT TH S 84-40-46 W 563.47FT TO SE CRN TR EXC BY METES & BOUNDS FR PARA 'A' AF# 8504190049 TH S 82-49-30 W 96FT M/L ALG SLY LN SD EXC (CALLED S 82-15 W SD EXC) TO ELY LN OF SD TR 2 PLATE 16 TH CONT S 82-49-30 W TO WLY LN SD TR 2 PLATE 16 & TERMINUS OF SD LN EXC ALL ROADWAYS & DIKE & DITCH R/W

2018 Values for 2019 Taxes*  Current UseSale Information 2019 Property Tax Summary
Building Market Value
Land Market Value
Total Market Value
Current Use Adj
Assessed Value
Taxable Value
Sale Date2000-02-04
Sale Price $.00
Sale requires NRL disclosure (more info)
2019 Taxes will be available after 2/15/2019
Use the Taxes link above for 2018 taxes
* Effective date of value is January 1 of the assessment year (2018) Legal Description at time of Assessment
*Land Use (830) CURRENT USE FARM AN AG WAC 458-53-030

Levy Code1595Fire DistrictF13
School DistrictSD311Exemptions
Improvement 1 Attributes Summary
Year BuiltFoundation
Above Grade Living AreaExterior Walls
Finished BasementRoof Covering
*Total Living AreaHeat/Air Conditioning
Unfinished BasementFireplace
*Total Garage AreaBedrooms
For additional information on individual segments see Improvements tab
* Land Use codes are for assessment administration purposes and do not represent jurisdictional zoning. Please contact the appropriate planning department in your jurisdiction for land use questions.
* Total living area includes above grade living area and finished basement area.
* Garage square footage includes all garage areas; basement garages, attached garages, detached garages, etc.
Assessment data for improvements is based on exterior inspections. Please contact the Assessor's office if the information does not accurately reflect the interior characteristics.