Skagit County Address Search Help

NOTE that the Addresses searched by this application are ONLY addresses that Skagit County maintains. Most incorporated cities maintain their own addresses.

This version of the Address Search provides options for searching the Skagit County Address data.

The Search By Address option is a free text entry into several text fields and uses a 'begins with' logic for searching Address data. You can only enter in a zip code, for instance, and the results will show everything in that zip code. The Search By Address option allows you to enter in text into any or all of the text boxes that show up. You must enter something into at least one of the text boxes. If you get a very large result set, you may want to add further criteria to limit the results.

The Search By Parcel # search uses 'autocomplete' technology and when you enter in a parcel number as you type a list will display showing the parcel numbers in the database. If you type a parcel number in and the list doesn't show up, it means that parcel number isn't in the Addressing database and it's address isn't maintained by Skagit County.