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On or off rim car, motorcycle and semi tires only, no tractor tires.

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How many tires will you be bringing? (Maximum 12)
Are you a resident of Skagit County?   

Will you be using a trailer to haul your tires?   

Are you able to unload the tires without assistance?   
    (if no, please bring someone who can assist you with unloading)

Will you be sharing a vehicle with another household?   

If sharing vehicle, has the other household registered?   

If sharing vehicle, what is the name of the other party in the household with whom you plan to share a vehicle?   

This disposal event is for residents of Skagit County only. Participants must live within Skagit County.

On or off rim car, motorcycle and semi tires only, no tractor tires.

No double-registering permitted: households are only allowed to register for one 30-minute slot on one day. Registering twice in the same day and/or once on both days is not permitted.

12 tire maximum will be enforced at the entry gate. Households that bring over 12 tires will forfeit their time slot.There will be no staff or volunteers to assist with tire unloading.

If you are unable to unload tires yourself, please bring someone that can assist you in the process.

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