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Climate Action Plan


Adopted 2010 Climate Action Plan


On March 16, 2010, after nearly a year of work by the countys Climate Action & Sustainability Taskforce and employee Sustainability Committee, the Board of County Commissioners adopted the proposed 2010 Climate Action Plan. Download the Executive Summary (564 KB PDF).


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On June 24, 2008, the Board of Skagit County Commissioners approved a Climate Action Resolution, directing county departments to take action to reduce energy, fuel, and resource consumption; setting specific goals for regional reductions in greenhouse gas emissions; and creating a citizen task force to develop a Climate Action Plan with policies, programs, and regulations needed to achieve those goals.

The Climate Action and Sustainability Taskforce worked on development of our 2010 Climate Action Plan throughout 2009. The Board of County Commissioners adopted the plan in March 2010.

Climate Action Plan

Climate Action Resolution