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Mental Health Court Team Responsibilities
The MHC Team consists of the Judge, attorneys, treatment providers, bailiff and coordinator.  The function of the Team is insure that the participant fully participates in treatment and complies with legal obligations.  The Team meets before each court calendar to discuss individual cases.

All Mental Health Court Team Members

  • Refer cases to the MHC program as appropriate
  • Participate in regular non-adversarial MHC dockets, including adjudication and dispositional hearings
  • Attend pre-court staffing and other relevant meetings as necessary
  • Provide and participates in cross training for MHC Team members and their staffs to assure mutual understanding of prosecution proceedings and requirements
  • Participate in data collection


  • Presides over court sessions and maintains a supportive/encouraging relationship with the participant
  • Orders terms and conditions of participant’s court participation

Prosecuting Attorney

  • Reviews defendant for preliminary eligibility and referrs client to MHC Team for review
  • Familiarizes staff within the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office regarding the goals, policies and procedures of the MHC
  • Represents State in MHC

Public Defender

  • Familiarizes staff within the Public Defender’s Office regarding the goals, policies and procedures of the MHC
  • Represents and advises MHC participant

Mental Health Court Coordinator

  • Maintains MHC policies and procedures
  • Monitors program expenditures
  • Coordinates collection of data, maintains program statistics and directs the preparation of progress reports

Mental Health Court Treatment Team

  • Evaluates potential participants for appropriateness to program
  • Determines appropriate modality of treatment to meet participant’s needs
  • Prepares and monitors individual case management plans for every participant under the supervision of the MHC
  • Attends pre-court staffing, MHC dockets, and other relevant meetings as necessary
  • Presents reports of participant’s progress in treatment to the Court
  • Consults with MHC Team members, participant’s family and support network regarding participant progress
  • Maintains records of participant treatment progress and drug testing result
  • Provides or arranges for treatment, including consultation in regard to medication treatment compliance
  • In cooperation with the jail medical provider, provides treatment of incarcerated defendants who are under the supervision of MHC, including court-ordered sanctions.