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Juvenile Detention Communication System

Skagit County, a political subdivision of the State of Washington, is requesting proposals from qualified Proposers to provide, install, and maintain a juvenile detention phone system for the Office of Juvenile Courts detention facility. The Juvenile Detention Phone System (JDPS) is to provide juvenile inmates access to telephone systems.

Skagit County Juvenile Detention is approximately 7000 square feet. The Facility located at 605 South 3rd St Mt Vernon WA . It also holds low to maximum security juvenile offenders. It has 19 single cell rooms . There is a school room , recreation room and kitchen .We also have staff facilities.

The current schedule for the project intends for the facility to be operational and prepared to accept inmates in 1st quarter 2018.

A Kiosk and Web site capability will additionally be needed in order for families and friends to put funds in for inmate accounts.

Detention administration staff will also need access to the web site to administer the system and generate required reports.

Currently a kiosk is available in the Public Safety building at 600 South 3rd Street in Mount Vernon, Washington. This building is directly across the street from the Juvenile Detention facility. It is envisioned that the current Kiosk would be replaced and moved to the first floor of the detention facility as part of the implementation of the new system. The Vendor will provide internet access to the Kiosk.

The current detention facility uses standard telecommunications 2 wire to connect 4 (four) phones. Three of these phones are currently allocated to visitation and the fourth is allocated to attorney discussion. The Proposer will be able to install phones at the current locations.

The scope of this project is to identify, select and contract with, and engage a Proposer who will provide the JDPS.

Days of operation and phone calls are 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Our average daily population is 8. Unlike the County jail, we do not like to hold juvenile for long periods of time so our turnover numbers are large. We expect our number to rise with the growth of the county population.

Skagit County Juvenile Detention Administration must be able to record and monitor phone calls that are going out and into the facility. We would like be able to identify each juvenile by name when they have an account. We need to be able to capture calls and transfer the recordings for possible court proceedings.

Skagit County does not require Proposers to provide public pay phones or workstations. The minimum functional requirements that must be met are located in the file S8 – Minimum Functional Requirements.xlsx.

It is the responsibility of the Proposer to read and understand all parts of the Request for Proposals. All communications regarding this Request for Proposals from Proposers and other interested parties must be directed through:

Michael Almvig
Skagit County Information Services
1800 Continental Place
Mount Vernon, WA 98273
(360) 416 - 1300

The individual identified above is the sole point of contact for any inquiries or information pertaining to this RFP.

Proposers who request a clarification of the RFP requirements may submit written questions to the RFP contact person by 3:30 p.m. (PST) on January 4, 2018. All questions and responses will be provided to all Proposers who have submitted a letter of intent pursuant to section 4.1 and 4.2. Skagit County reserves the right to update RFP requirements. Skagit County will use electronic mail and our Access Skagit County Web site,, to notify Proposers of RFP questions and/or changes.

Due a high volume of spam, all questions to the RFP submitted by electronic mail are to include:

“Skagit County JDPS RFP Questions” in the Subject area of the electronic message.

Skagit County assumes no responsibility for unanswered questions without the correct information in the subject line or delays caused by delivery service.