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Request for Proposal

IT Service Management and IT Asset Management Software

Skagit County, a political subdivision of the State of Washington, invites you to respond to this Request for Proposal (RFP) with a proposal for IT Service Management and IT Asset Management Software

Proposers who request a clarification of the RFP requirements may submit written questions to the RFP contact person by 3:30 p.m. (PST) on February 24, 2017. All questions and responses will be provided to all Proposers who have submitted a letter of intent pursuant to section 3.1 and 3.2. Skagit County reserves the right to update RFP requirements. Skagit County will use electronic mail and our Access Skagit County Web site,, to notify Proposers of RFP questions and/or changes.

Due to a high volume of spam, questions to the RFP submitted by electronic mail are to include:
“Skagit County ITSM/ITAM RFP Questions” in the Subject area of the electronic message.

Skagit County assumes no responsibility for unanswered questions without the correct information in the subject line or delays caused by delivery service.

Electronic mail proposal shall be sent to

Proposer Conference

A Proposer conference is tentatively scheduled to be held at 10:00 AM (PST), March 13, 2017 at 1700 East College Way, Mount Vernon, WA 98273. The Proposer conference is at the Proposer’s expense, is not mandatory and will not include a teleconference. Proposers are invited to bring their questions regarding this Request for Proposal to this conference. The evaluation team and support staff will be available to answer questions at this time.

Letter of Intent

All Proposers intending on submitting a proposal to this RFP are required to submit a letter of Intent to bid no later than 3:30 PM (PST) on March 20, 2017.

The letter should identify the following information:

Company Name
RFP Contact for Company
Address for Company Contact
Phone Number/Fax Number for Company Contact
E-mail address for Company Contact

The Letter of Intent must be electronically mailed. The letter does not commit the Proposer to respond to the RFP. All Proposers who have submitted a letter of intent will receive notification of proposal changes or responses to questions submitted by other competitors.

Electronic mail letter of intent shall be sent to

Once your letter of intent is received you will receive a confirmation via electronic mail. Each letter of intent shall identify the electronic submission by submitting the proposal with the phrase:
“Skagit County ITSM/ITAM RFP Letter of Intent” in the Subject area of the electronic message.

Submission Deadline

All Proposer responses and proposals must be received no later than 3:30 PM (PST) on April 11, 2017. Late or incomplete proposals may be rejected. Proposers should note that this is a firm deadline. Skagit County does not contemplate any extension of the deadline noted herein.