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RFIRural Forestry Initiative


The Rural Forestry Initiative is intended to apply the County’s critical areas ordinance to a portion of a forested tract that is proposed for development (conversion), while allowing the remainder of the land that is reserved for long-term forestry to undergo environmental review by the state Department of Natural Resources (DNR) when a forest practices permit is submitted.

The Forest Advisory Board has asked the County to implement the Rural Forestry Initiative, believing that the County’s critical areas ordinance is the appropriate environmental review tool for land being converted for development, but not for land kept in long-term forestry.

The Department is developing a Rural Forestry Initiative (RFI) proposal for release later this year, or early next, along with other code provisions to allow the Department to assume jurisdiction for Class IV-General forest practice conversions, as required by RCW 76.09.240. The Department continues to discuss the RFI issue with the Forest Advisory Board and the proposal as described below may change as discussions continue.