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  Informational Guides

For 14-21 Year Olds:
Transition Resource Guide
Spanish Version

For 18-21 Year Olds:
Orientation to County Services for Adults Guide
Spanish Version

For ALL Ages:
Skagit County Resource Guide
Spanish Version

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All workshops are free.
Registration is required for all workshops. Please register with

DD Program Specialist
Mai Hensel at:
or by phone:
(360) 416-1510

Developmental Disabilities Program : Transition Youth

Mai Hensel, DD Program Specialist 

Skagit County is committed to ensuring that youths with developmental disabilities, 14 years to 21 years of age; and their families have access to sufficient resources and support as they enter into adulthood.

Workshops are scheduled throughout the year and are free for the public.

Upcoming Workshop: Transition Overview Workshop



2017-2018 Transition Workshop Calendar | Spanish