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Temporary Duty Disability (TDD) Information The Legislature passed Substitute House Bill (SHB) 1261 which standardizes the Temporary Duty Disability (TDD) provisions for members of most retirement systems administered by DRS. Members now have the option to purchase up to 24 months of service credit for each period of TDD.  To be eligible, they must be disabled in the line of duty and be eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits under Title 51 RCW or a similar federal workers’ compensation program. The following information applies to members of: Public Employees· Retirement Systems (PERS)
School Employees· Retirement Systems (SERS)
Public Safety Employees· Retirement Systems (PSERS)
Teachers· Retirement Systems (TRS)
Law Enforcement Officers· and Fire Fighters· Retirement Systems, (LEOFF) Plan 2Full information here

The Hartford Long Term Disability
For Hartford Long Term Disability participants to access their accounts.

Department of Retirement Systems' (DRS) 2004 Summary Annual Financial Report.
The report, which provides an overview of the funding status, plan provisions, membership and decision-making entities of the state's pension programs, contains important information for plan members.